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Casino security and surveillance have become more complex as both risks and available technologies have grown. Venues like yours must balance pleasing patrons with compliance and avoiding crimes—and the fines, suspensions and reputation impact that come along with them.

Manual solutions don’t cut it anymore. Digital solutions are paving the way for casinos to do more. Facial recognition is the future, enabling your casino to remain vigilant and respond swiftly to risks. Learn the ins and outs of facial recognition technology and how it can elevate your casino.

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What Is Facial Recognition and How Does It Work?

Facial recognition looks at a face in a video, pulls necessary facial data out of it, then matches it against an existing database.

Depending on what it detects, the system either adds a face as one you've never seen before or matches it against known faces—plus everywhere that person has been seen.

Facial recognition creates a unique mathematical model of each face and stores it in the database.
facial recognition analyzing males face

How facial recognition works in casinos

Though most casinos lack robust facial recognition systems, every casino has significant surveillance investments. What’s missing is a consolidated system that ties it all together to identify people they may otherwise be missing.

Without this consolidated system, venues have to manually compare individuals to mug books and make a visual match. They could successfully identify people many times this way but still not have all the information tied together—from when patrons get a cash advance to when they obtain a line of credit or join the loyalty program. If your best security agent leaves your casino for another job, they will take their memory with them and you may become more vulnerable because of it.

eConnect is the conduit for fixing inefficiencies. Our facial recognition captures all data points plus an index to see activities and how they tie together.

Facial Recognition Aids in Casino Safety, Security, and Customer Experience

Facial recognition provides peace of mind for your casino and its patrons alike. AI-powered tools are effective for risk prevention and delivering exceptional experiences.

Facial recognition can identify “bad guys”

Keeping bad actors out while welcoming valued patrons is the primary use of facial recognition in casinos today. The fact is that even if someone is banned or self-excluded, they may still come back. You need to be able to recognize those individuals and detect them before they can cause further issues.

Of course, there’s also plenty of information you want to have to go along with a list of bad actors. The problem here is that the identities database usually exists in disparate areas of the casino, and it's not tied together or easy to access. Luckily, the eConnect system makes this automatic. We integrate with all major casino systems, giving visibility into employees, VIPs, and bad actors—and send immediate alerts in the event of suspicious activity.

Facial recognition can identify VIPs and customize their experience

eConnect recognizes your most valued patrons. When big players arrive, our facial recognition engine lets the host know when they visit specific areas of the casino. The result? Unique knowledge you previously couldn’t obtain.

With new levels of insights, you can do more to satisfy your VIPs. Assign each one a casino host to take the experience to new heights. When you know a VIP is coming, send hosts to greet them when they come in, extend the experience by bringing them a complimentary drink or a pair of tickets to the concert you're putting on.

Mobile apps provide opportunities to elevate experience

Casino surveillance? There’s an app for that. In fact, eConnect is the only provider in the space with an in-house mobile app.

Our alerting app has actionable information for all personnel. Security, surveillance, compliance, executives, and player development hosts alike can quickly obtain information on the people who come into the venue. eConnect sends player information in real-time to team members’ mobile devices when different types of patrons are in the casino.

Make things better with mobile app intelligence:

  • Better customer service
  • Better security
  • Better compliance
  • The fastest response to important matters

eConnect Facial Recognition Integrates Across the Operation

Surveillance starts in the parking lot

Surveillance may start in the parking lot, with license plate recognition to identify patrons and behavior patterns. However, eConnect integrates with all systems to deliver comprehensive protection, including:

  • Video system
  • Cage
  • Credit
  • Gaming
  • Loyalty system
  • Casino management
  • And more!

eClear® Protects the Entry and Tracks Activity

Know everyone who comes and goes on your property

You should know everyone who comes and goes on your property. eConnect’s eClear® ID scanner manages entrances for efficiency and security, accurately identifying:

  • New people
  • VIPs
  • Loyalty members
  • Bad actors
  • Self-excluded players
  • Vendors
  • Government agents
  • Tribal members

On top of this, many state jurisdictions charge based on entryway counts, so you get saddled with per-customer fees. Facial recognition mitigates this issue, identifying if specific patrons return on the same day, so you only get charged once.

ID scanners match faces

Quickly match IDs against faces. eClear® ID scan processes licenses and passports in search of a database match while also enrolling them in facial recognition. Streamline visits by tagging each person with an appropriate label, and keep underage and self-excluded patrons out of your venue with ID tools that do more.

Facial recognition time clocks keep employees moving

Employees visit the property more than anyone, so it’s imperative to track them effectively. By replacing manual punches at the time clock with face matching, you can streamline and speed up how they punch in and out, making it more efficient for human resources along the way.

Toss out your biometric hand readers. Facial recognition is a faster, more accurate, and more sanitary solution!

How eConnect Stands Apart from the Competition

The eConnect platform—available as a comprehensive solution or individual solution modules—does more to make facial recognition work for you. Our technology provides several core differentiators and capabilities to elevate your casino.
eConnect Suite

Correlate faces with data

We are the only company in the world that can successfully correlate faces with casino data and financial transactions. eConnect facial recognition interfaces with casino systems, providing the power to understand patron transaction values and associate that with their face.

  • Aggregate amounts over days, weeks, and months—even if patrons are uncarded or unregistered.
  • Track lost and stolen TITO tickets and identify perpetrators quicker than ever.

Provide advanced alerting

Mobile alerting allows your team to take action anytime, anywhere. eConnect’s award-winning Mobile Alerts application provides instant mission-critical alerts for on-the-go team members.

  • Get more with smartwatch syncing and send instantly visible email alerts.
  • Send temporary app alerts with specific expiration criteria.

Manage databases

Don’t get lost in databases of millions of faces. eConnect provides better management of shared identity lists.

  • Quickly reference state databases of excluded players, FBI lists, license plates, and more.

Integrate across the board

Other solutions can’t say they play well with others. eConnect, however, lets you plug and play with all popular casino video solutions with minimal setup and access to case manager tools.

  • Try eConnect’s own case management tool.

Personalize by employee level

One size does not fit all in facial recognition. For different roles, user rights are granular, and team members get corresponding levels of access to the software.

  • Send different alerts based on either need or want to know.

Opportunities for continuous learning

eConnect University is our complimentary training suite available to all customers. Enroll in our go-at-your-own-pace online education program to get certified in various facial recognition modules.

  • Join 2,500+ graduates across the Globe.


The security of your venue isn’t all that matters, and the facial recognition technology you trust must be equally protected. eConnect data is casino-centric, so we can call upon it when we need it. Cloud technology could create new vulnerabilities, so we lock your data down on premises.

  • Access data that resides in your environment instead of creating a new access point.

eConnect also offers optional cybersecurity insurance, providing peace of mind and confidence.

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