eClear® ID Scanner


Keep business moving and stay in compliance. eConnect’s eClear® ID Scanner helps you quickly verify ages and IDs when patrons buy alcohol, begin to gamble, or access lines of credit. It can even expedite ID scanning at the entrance!

eClear ID scanner is compatible with all 50 states' driver's licenses


Product Differentiators

High-Speed, Automated Forensic Tool

The eClear ID Scanner is a high-speed ID scanning device with the same embedded technology the TSA uses across the U.S, allowing you to:

  • Validate information instantly 
  • Spot fake IDs

An Alternative to the Cloud

eConnect’s eClear ID Scanner provides access on a closed network:

  • Works alongside our identities database of faces
  • Centralizes data on WAN or LAN

Compatible with Existing Infrastructure

The eClear ID Scanner builds on your eConnect facial recognition implementation:

  • Connects to multiple major systems 

Highly Portable Solution

Need something that moves with you? The eClear ID Scanner can be a temporary or permanent solution:

  • Mountable to a stand that rolls in and out quickly 
  • Requires little infrastructure
eConnect ID Scanner

Use Cases

eConnect’s eClear ID Scanner fulfills several core needs, helping your casino learn more about who’s on the property.
Patrons using eClear ID Scanner at casino

ID Verification

Extract ID data, such as name, address, date of birth, and ID number, with the help of:

  • Optical character recognition
  • Barcode scanning
  • Identities database comparison

Counterfeit ID Prevention

Reveal counterfeit cards by scanning for security features such as watermarks, holograms, and microprint with:

  • UV sensors 
  • Infrared sensors

Banned Patron Alerts

Keep the bad out. Get insights into bad actors and known criminals, such as: 

  • Self-excluded patrons
  • Known cheaters
  • Advantage players
  • Problem gamblers

Loyalty Cards Replacement

The technology behind the eClear ID Scanner has the potential to eliminate loyalty cards by:

  • Enabling customers' VIP access with their face and phone     

The eConnect Edge

Safeguard your interests and assets with an industry-leading platform. eConnect software is proudly made in America, contributing to the growth of our nation's workforce and guaranteeing exceptional quality. With it, you get a solution that provides:

Seamless Integration

The eClear ID Scanner works with eConnect’s existing platform: 

  • Funnels directly into the facial recognition system
  • Automatically enrolls biometric and cardholder data 

Access in All 50 U.S. States and Every Country

eConnect automatically adapts to documentation and authentication differences with:

  • Frequent software updates

See the eClear® ID Scanner in action!

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Know Your Customer (KYC) and who’s coming and going in your venue at all times.


Identify risks and enhance your profitability and reputation with patron tracking.


Get mission-critical alerts, reporting, and video analytics.

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