With today’s security concerns, you have to use security camera facial recognition software in your venue. Thanks to technology advancements, you have choices for solutions that help in more ways than you could have ever imagined. But any new technology has to work with your existing systems, not against them. eConnect is the premier solution for the hospitality and gaming industry ... but does it integrate with your existing technology? 

We’ll walk through a bit of what eConnect’s facial recognition systems can do and how eConnect takes surveillance to a new level.


About eConnect Identity Management 

Facial recognition beats security guards any day. The technologies in eConnect’s Property Access Control Security Suite recognize unlimited individuals—from thieves to money launderers to pickpockets. Our identity management and facial recognition systems incorporate features such as:

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

eConnect’s LPR system, Plate Connect, uses cameras throughout parking lots and garages to screen patrons and read their license plates. 

Entryway Screening with eClear® ID Check

eClear® ID Check uses eConnect’s proprietary software and facial recognition cameras to accurately identify customers and employees as they come in the door. 

Identity Management—Know Your Customer (KYC)

Security camera facial recognition software tracks customers so you can learn about their value and report accurately, even if they’re under the $10,000 reporting threshold. 


Is My Camera System Compatible?

Your venue might have cameras from one manufacturer or many, and you may wonder if this could impact facial recognition deployment. eConnect supports and integrates with the widest range of brands compared to anyone else in the industry. 

On top of this, we use a test portal to upload and test face capture quality, definitively answering the question of whether your existing camera is viable for facial recognition deployment. If we discover your cameras would benefit from an update, eConnect offers ONVIF-compatible cameras for optimal face capture.


Combine Your Current Technology with eConnect

“Can my existing security cameras work with eConnect’s facial recognition software?” The short answer is yes, you can merge our security camera facial recognition software with your existing cameras. But the better question is, “Do my existing cameras fit the bill to function at a high level with the eConnect platform?” That answer depends on a few variables. 

Quality Enrollment Photos

For one thing, making accurate identifications relies on the quality of each person’s very first enrollment photo. A good quality enrollment photo is the key to being able to pick up on all the little details of a person’s face, from eyes to nose to mouth and beyond. Do your cameras take clear photos? The best output comes from 1080P cameras, and with adequate enrollment photos, eConnect delivers just 2 in 11,000 false matches.

Camera Adaptability and Placement 

Of course, if you don’t use your cameras correctly, your venue won’t benefit very much. Cameras capture images literally in a snap, but the output can easily be distorted by light, background interference, or by others in the view. As a result, images may not match. 

Wider scenes get distorted by light or darkness depending on time of day, so cameras that can adapt to such conditions provide better quality and matching accuracy. One way to mitigate this is placing cameras at the right height. Casinos were built to accommodate overhead security, but eye-level images help facial recognition collect finer details. Also, when a person lingers in view, the best matches are where the subject is standing still. 

Beyond height are the locations of your cameras. To start, choke point cameras are effective, as they’re placed in clean walkways without cluttered traffic. But the more touch points you cover—kiosks, cages, ATM machines, and entrances—the higher your chances of catching bad actors.


eConnect Is No. 1 for Security Camera Facial Recognition Software

The world is changing, and your venue has to keep up. Criminals work together to scam your operation, employees choose to be less than honest, and your profits and reputation take a hit. Take the steps to secure your operation with the best security camera facial recognition software to back up your security team and catch bad behavior before it escalates. 

Are you ready to expand your surveillance capabilities with eConnect? Get in touch with one of our experts to discuss your biggest challenges and find the right solution suite to match your needs.

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