Facial recognition is the future of casino security. ID|Connect is powered by facial recognition to operate alongside your surveillance network, investigators, and operators and share information to protect properties.

Using AI, ID|Connect captures key details about each identity:

  • Location where an individual was seen
  • Picture or ID with associated details
  • When an individual was seen and their suspected offense 
  • Search-by-face capabilities no other database provides




Use Cases

ID|Connect helps you understand threats to your property, providing identity data to prevent and mitigate crime and loss under your roof and helping others do the same.

Keep Bad Guys Out.

Focus on valued patrons, not bad actors. Examine identity data to remove criminals, such as:

  • Money launderers
  • Thieves
  • Violent offenders
  • Drug dealers

Enforce Self-Exclusion.

Maintain compliance with self-exclusion obligations. Spot flagged identities so your casino can:

  • Stop problem gamblers.
  • Prevent fines.
  • Avoid negative publicity.

Prevent Fraud and Loss.

Don’t let fraudsters play your casino for a fool. Lean on database intel to minimize financial harm and:

  • Shut the door on advantage players. 
  • Stop cheaters and tampering.
  • Identify and eject known ticket thieves.

Share ID Data.

Help your casino and industry peers operate safely and efficiently. Use identity details to help others respond appropriately to specific patrons:

  • Share banned patron intel with peers.
  • Create a trusted gaming community.

The eConnect Edge

ID|Connect is designed to foster sharing and community, elevating the way you already share information about known scams and cheats across your properties and with industry peers.  

Forget about sending an email or text, and skip the phone calls to neighboring casinos about bad actors. ID|Connect supercharges communication as a universal database to keep all member properties in sync.

Streamline Your Surveillance Investigators Network.

Your casino already shares information about activities. Simplify the process.

  • Invite people into the network instead of using email. 
  • Maintain exclusivity.

Update Information Automatically.

Get up-to-the-minute details about bad actors. ID|Connect maintains updated information and makes it easy for you to enter and share data:

  • Add to or remove individuals from the list.
  • Expand access beyond your own property.
  • Inform the gaming control board.
  • Integrate other lists, such as the FBI's Most Wanted.

Share Vital Threat Data with eConnect

Capture key identity information to elevate your surveillance efforts and build a stronger gaming community. See how ID|Connect can mitigate risks. 

eConnect software is always evolving, and we’re committed to providing the best solutions for your business. With a presence in the United States and Asia, our software applications are connected to more than 300,000 cameras in casinos, resorts, nightclubs, restaurants, stadiums, and airports.

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Why eConnect?


Know Your Customer (KYC) and who’s coming and going in your venue at all times.


Identify risks and enhance your profitability and reputation with patron tracking.


Get mission-critical alerts, reporting, and video analytics.

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