Your casino is a success. Day after day, you see endless foot traffic and high revenues, and business is booming. However, every success comes with risk, so you need to make sure your operations are protected. Facial recognition may be the answer. 

Whether you’re new to facial recognition or simply need a better solution, it’s important to step back and ask the right questions about casino facial recognition software before you dive into the deep end. We’ll walk you through some of the most important questions to keep in mind and provide context and guidance for each.


1. Can I use my existing cameras and tools?

One of the first things you want to know when you invest in facial recognition is just how big the scope of your solution needs to be. With cameras already up and running in your venue, you need to know if new technology will play nicely with them. The answer should be a resounding “Yes,” enabling you to get up and running quickly with facial recognition that integrates with your current technology. It is important to consider camera placement in your venue but it’s also important to test the cameras.

eConnect uses a test portal to assess your current camera quality. The highest-quality images come from 1080p cameras, and if you need an update, eConnect offers ONVIF-compatible devices.


2. Can I reference or compare to previous cases? 

When an incident happens in your casino, your anxiety goes up. What can you do to catch the perpetrator? How can you learn from this event to make you stronger the next time around? You should be able to trust an incident report system for each incident, which will build up your historical records of previous cases and strengthen your security over time.

Incident reporting looks like this:

  • Record the name(s) of suspect(s) or confirmed bad actor(s)

  • Note the nature of the crime (e.g., a purse was stolen)

  • Attach photos and videos, if available

  • Input photos and videos into the face-matching system 

If any of the solutions you’re considering doesn’t have a similar capability baked in—or at least use a third-party system to help with the load—move on.


3. Can I use my existing database of images?

If you have to begin your casino database from scratch, your new system won’t operate at its peak until you have enough data, which could take some time. So it’s best to match your new solution with your existing image database. The right casino facial recognition software matches the facial signature data of suspects to a facial recognition system database of up to thousands of images, expediting investigations.


4. How do I get my employees enrolled?

The system you choose should have integrated face-matching capabilities to ensure rapid access control, so patrons and employees can get where they need to go. By snapping a simple enrollment photo and having your employees stand in front of a facial recognition camera for image comparison, you can not only enroll them in the system but also verify their IDs and employee status. Later, let your team take the convenience of this tech to the next level by using facial data as a contactless time punch.


5. Where should I place these cameras?

Conventional wisdom says that more coverage means more data. As a result, if you can deploy casino facial recognition software at multiple touch points, such as kiosks, cages, ATM machines, and entrances, it will be easier to apprehend bad actors. Position your cameras throughout your venue, ideally at eye level to collect finer details. By positioning your cameras strategically, you can lend your security team a helping hand and flag risks and incidents for team members to act on immediately.Not sure if your venue is big enough to require so many cameras? Not sure what your budget will allow? Regardless of the situation, if you’re ever in a position in which you have to prioritize the areas to monitor, place your cameras at entrances.


6. Can I check IDs at the front door? 

The best way to stop crime in your casino is to prevent criminals from entering in the first place. When your platform works to scan IDs at the entrance, your venue can use the IDs as a frame of reference to match known offenders or self-excluded patrons with the database. 

eClear® ID Scan from eConnect does this and more, providing new insights to keep your venue running smoothly. In addition to spotting bad actors, ID scanning also flags the VIPs you want to engage with the most.


7. How accurate is casino facial recognition software? 

Some facilities worry that if they invest in inconsistent or inaccurate facial recognition software, they’ll just see their security budget decrease while crime doesn’t. However, despite the fact that the facial recognition industry is still fairly new, the best solutions are incredibly accurate.

On top of this, if you pair the right technology with investigators, it’s a match made in heaven. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), forensic examiners perform best with assistance from facial recognition. That’s because human beings are flawed, and we can lose track of details. As you compare platforms, be sure to note how accurate they are.


8. Can the platform tie in with my video systems?

If you need to tie your casino facial recognition software in with existing video systems, there’s only one solution: eConnect. We’re the only platform that integrates with video management systems—and we do so with simple plug-and-play startup. As a bonus, eConnect also integrates with more big name tools and services than any other solution in the industry, from leading cameras to POS systems.


Implement casino facial recognition from eConnect. 

Before you choose the best casino facial recognition system for your needs, take stock of what you wish to accomplish. Then, as you do your homework, ask key questions along the way about everything from compatibility to accuracy.

To get started, make a decision—big or small? Each piece of the eConnect platform can work alone or as part of larger solution suites, so you can choose the pieces that meet your goals

Of course, the eConnect team will be by your side as you learn the ropes. We perform a comprehensive onboarding process for all users, followed by 24/7/365 support. Once your system is up and running, take advantage of our proprietary training platform, eConnect University, and join nearly 3,000 certified professionals in learning the ins and outs of the platform—plus, get insights into industry changes and innovations.

Ready to take the next step? Get in touch to request a consultation with us and customize your casino facial recognition software solution!

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