Every feature—from your eyes and nose to the one-of-a-kind birthmark on your head—can be captured and stored for identification. Facial recognition technology relies on computer algorithms to identify distinct details about an individual’s face. The software locates faces in images and videos, then compiles data based on a person’s features. From here, it compares and verifies if two separate files correspond to the same person. Talk about finding a face in a crowd.

As businesses dealing with both large cash flow and high-volume traffic, casinos experience several issues in their daily operations. Cheating, unlawful entry, and missed opportunities to engage with high rollers are all too common in the industry, but they don’t have to be. Facial recognition software is transforming casino operations, and you can be on the cutting edge, too. Learn how casinos are deploying facial recognition to stay a step ahead.


Why Casinos Need the Best Facial Recognition Software 

Slot machines are dinging, lights are flashing, and crowds are gathering for high-stakes games. Every minute in a casino is a flurry of activity, and it’s hard to keep up. Facial recognition provides those extra eyes and ears to identify opportunities that impact profitability, guest service, and professional reputation. 


Assist Security Personnel

Security is probably the most obvious reason for casinos to employ facial recognition (FR) software. That’s because it helps security personnel and, by extension, improves operations.

Casino security teams use FR to identify criminals by matching facial features captured on video with an available photo database. The technology is efficient because its algorithms can recognize millions of faces in seconds, reducing a large database to one or a handful of possible matches.

A few perks:

  • The casino can better identify banned individuals.
  • Facial recognition software helps security personnel choose appropriate action—if any action is needed at all.

But does this bring about privacy issues? New facial recognition software products are designed with user privacy in mind, in compliance with current and emerging privacy laws. While technology is still evolving, the best facial recognition software is designed to protect patrons’ privacy, only identifying people who already exist in the database. Everyone else? The system filters them out.

Preserve Gaming Integrity

Gambling attracts both dishonesty and people with cash to burn, so table game manufacturers and suppliers are getting ahead of risks. Many are now using facial recognition to preserve the integrity of gameplay.

These systems help casinos collect data on table play to identify possible risks and rewards. FR not only identifies cheaters and criminals but also gathers data on self-excluded players and high rollers—including their average winnings and visit frequency.

A few perks:

  • Facial recognition detects criminal activity such as money laundering before the IRS gets involved.
  • Monitoring through FR systems points out high-value players you might want to engage and develop relationships with.
  • FR systems maintain the rehabilitative purposes for players who enter into voluntary self-exclusion, whereby individuals ban themselves from gambling activity including check cashing, extension of credit, and play privileges and become subject to fines or prosecution if they slip.

Facial recognition provides new insights into your casino operations—good, bad, and in between. The technology gives you more control than ever before over what goes on in your facility.

Provide Multi-Factor Authentication

Facial recognition extends beyond unlocking your phone or entering your office. One developing trend sees casinos using new facial recognition software that employs multi-factor authentication, enhancing facility security even more.

A few perks:

  • Multi-factor authentication and FR protects guest rooms from intruders who don’t belong.
  • Facial recognition restricts access to employee-only areas such as casino operations.

Imagine protecting the guest or employee experience at your resort and casino with a near-guarantee that someone couldn’t break into a room with just a key card—their photo has to match, too!


Improve Your Operations with Facial Recognition Software

Facial recognition is the future of successful casino operations. With it, casino owners and operators have the power to enhance their security protocols, monitor gaming engagement for fair and honest play, and more.

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