Human vs. AI Facial Recognition

The ways in which humans and machines recognize faces vary drastically, from what markers they look for to how they process bits of information. Human beings can only reliably recognize approximately 1,500 faces, making us inherently flawed. Luckily, the process of facial recognition and the technology behind it has evolved significantly over time, too—modern technological tools have the capacity to recognize limitless faces. 

What is the difference between the ways people spot faces in a crowd and how artificial intelligence stretches the limits of human recognition? Tune into this on-demand webinar, where eConnect’s executive vice president of strategic operations, Malcolm Rutherford, gives an in-depth overview of how facial recognition works. Learn the differences in how facial recognition works between the real and virtual worlds, including the impacts of seemingly small factors such as:

  • Emotional associations

  • Social biases

  • Context vs. data

Facial recognition gives casinos like yours the power to take surveillance and security to new heights. Elevate your venue with the right tools to aid all of your surveillance efforts, from casino self-exclusion to reducing theft and fraud.

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