It’s Saturday night, and your casino is hoppin’, but patrons who shouldn't be there are trying to take home the jackpot. You want—and need—to know what’s happening in your venue at all times, and without the right technology, that’s nearly impossible. 

However, there’s a solution, thanks to the latest facial recognition capabilities. Let’s examine how casino facial recognition software can help your venue, from overall protection to self-exclusion management. 


Benefits of Identity Management 

Thanks to casino facial recognition software, your venue can become a powerhouse of information to improve security and manage the guest experience. After all, identity management offers many benefits to enhance your operation:

  • Compatibility: Facial recognition integrates with your venue’s current technology (e.g., cameras, slots). 

  • LPR: LPR records each patron’s vehicle details with strategically placed cameras, so you can act quickly against vandalism, theft, or money laundering. 

  • Patron management: Remove both banned and self-excluded players from the property by comparing your incident history with facial data to identify people.

  • Improved security: Cameras at key checkpoints help security personnel because risks get flagged immediately for team members to act on.

  • AML compliance: AML screening helps your venue match a suspicious person’s face to all of their activities, so you can search your TITO reports for suspicious transactions and identify money laundering. 

Clearly, facial recognition provides many security and surveillance benefits, and those advantages have far-reaching implications for your business. As a result, the right technology can help you manage the business holistically. For casinos especially, that means greater control over managing excluded patrons. 


Managing Excluded Patrons with Casino Facial Recognition

Managing excluded patrons can be a challenge, and in a perfect world, your venue would spot self-excluded patrons before they even walk through the door. However, the casino industry as a whole has a lot of work to do to stay on top of self-exclusion thanks to limitations in humans’ capacity to recognize and deal with violations. 

Across the industry, casinos are putting their heads together to come up with ways to do better. The solution? Facial recognition. Casino facial recognition software brings you closer to perfection with next-level visibility.


Most casinos are required to have some measures in place to support self-exclusion in order to obtain licensing, but there’s no industry-wide standard for how to do it. What if your venue doesn’t have strategies in place to mitigate self-exclusion issues? 


Without facial recognition technologies on your side, your venue could be more vulnerable to self-exclusion violations and the fines that come along with them. Your state and the regional gaming board enforce these regulations with fines up to thousands of dollars. 

Negative Publicity

Just as importantly, if something goes awry in your casino related to self-exclusion—from major violations to fights—the reputational harm can be just as problematic. That’s because if the press catches wind of an incident involving an excluded player, your venue could make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Expanding the “Magic Number” 

Think about your everyday life for a moment. You have a few close friends, even more casual friends, and lots of acquaintances—and it’s probably tricky to keep all those faces and names straight. We as humans can only maintain 150 close relationships and recognize 1,500 people

Do What Security Cannot

Between recognition limitations and physical capabilities to monitor your venue, security staff members are at a disadvantage—but they don’t have to be. Casino facial recognition software provides the power to do more. By pulling in facial markers and comparing them to thousands of database images, the technology closes the gap to identify unlimited faces. When security and facial recognition combine, your venue has more opportunities to catch excluded patrons.


What If You Don’t Have Casino Facial Recognition Software at All Touchpoints?

Let’s say you operate a massive, sprawling casino that sees high traffic every day. So you wonder, “Can I really monitor for self-exclusion everywhere?” Of course, the more coverage you have, the more data you can gather to enforce self-exclusion. However, having casino facial recognition enabled everywhere might not be realistic for you. Luckily, it may not be necessary. 

Keep Eyes on Entrances

Like we said earlier, in a perfect world, you’d catch excluded players at the door—so focus on that. If you’re in a position where you have to prioritize which areas to monitor, make entrances No. 1. Otherwise, excluded players may slip through the cracks and start gambling (even though they won’t be able to cash out). 

When you control access to your venue, you maintain more control over who gets in and what goes on inside. A few strategies can help keep your entrances in check:

  • License plate recognition to take snapshots of every vehicle that comes to your venue to compare to a database

  • Identity management and ID scanning to quickly distinguish between VIPs and excluded players

Without casino facial recognition, your security team could be forced to check player cards and IDs at the door, which just isn’t efficient. The right technology can simplify the process.


Enhance Your Venue with Casino Facial Recognition Software

Self-exclusion is no joke, but it can be difficult to control without the right measures in place. Casino facial recognition software makes a difference. Position your venue to discover violations at the door, rather than dealing with hefty fines and poor publicity. Learn more about identity management at, and get in touch with an expert to discuss the best fit for you!

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