eClear® Access Control


Control the flurry of patron and employee activity in your casino. eClear® incorporates facial recognition technology to streamline identification



Product Differentiators

All-in-One Solution

Facial recognition and access control operate under one umbrella, so you don’t have to switch between systems.

Data That Isn’t Siloed

Synchronize facial recognition data with identities and loyalty, marketing, and VIP status information for those who need it.

Solve for Camera Placement

eClear® acts as an extra camera that’s perfectly placed at the entrance for facial recognition.



eClear® delivers the basics—such as tailgate detection to close the door behind each person and HR integration for up-to-date data on known employees—and then some.
Blurred motion of business people walking in a facility

Face Recognition and Liveness Detection

Our facial recognition engine uses AI to create mathematical models of 70 nodal points on each face, with liveness detection to ensure that face data is from a live person—not a picture.

Live Video

eClear® activates its camera each time someone walks by. Create a repository of entrance footage to compare against patron activities across the casino floor.

Real-Time Alerting

eClear® access control integrates with the eConnect Alerts app (available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store). Sync with facial recognition for real-time, actionable alerts. 

Multifactor Authentication

Rather than relying on user credentials alone, set eClear® to ensure that employee faces match to better control access.

RFID Support

eClear® provides legacy support for all RFID readers via Wiegand or Open Supervised Device Protocol.

Zigbee Support

Connect eClear® through a bridge to existing Zigbee infrastructure— from door locks to motion sensors—to support your automation without a full overhaul.

The eConnect Edge

Safeguard your interests and assets with an industry-leading platform. eConnect software is proudly made in America, contributing to the growth of our nation's workforce and guaranteeing exceptional quality. With it, you get a solution that provides:

Seamless Integration

Trusted by 300-plus casinos, eClear access control provides ease of implementation and management. It rolls in and out easily and uses minimal resources, causing little disruption to your day-to-day operations.

eConnect is vertical SaaS—100 percent focused on the gaming and hospitality industry. We have integrations with surveillance rooms and are licensed in all jurisdictions.

Why eConnect?


Know Your Customer (KYC) and who’s coming and going in your venue at all times.


Identify risks and enhance your profitability and reputation with patron tracking.


Get mission-critical alerts, reporting, and video analytics.

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