A Message on Covid-19 Recovery

To all our friends, colleagues and customers, we know this is a difficult time.
We at eConnect are working to support you while implementing practices to keep our own employees safe.

Often it takes a crisis to create rapid innovations.
As a technology leader, we are offering solutions to facilitate the safe re-opening of your properties.
eConnect accelerated the development and introduction of the eClear™, the self serve temperature check kiosk
with critical eConnect software tools to help our customers make it fun and safe again.

We wish all of you well.

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Introducing eClear

Contact-Free Temperature Checks combined with Facial Recognition

Use the latest technology to safely open your property by monitoring customers, guests and employees.

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Other Solutions for Gaming & Hospitality

Combining Video Surveillance With Advanced Analytics & Data

Facial Recognition
for the
Casino Resort

Seamless Integration
Data with Video

Artificial Intelligence
Bet Recognition

Superior Features of eConnect Solutions

State of the Art Software

State of the Art

eConnect software is leading edge.  eConnect’s AI engine spots exceptions in transactions and reinforces them with video.  It provides real-time alerts and advanced analytics to end users.  Our development team continually improves our software to make it easier to use and to add features which are driven by our clients’ needs.
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eConnect has formed partnerships and relationships with nearly every significant player in our industry.  We recognize the investment our customers make in POS, Casino and Surveillance systems and strive for seamless integration.  We integrate with all major related systems to harness and analyze that data.
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Ease of Deployment

Ease of Deployment

eConnect software is quick and easy to deploy.  We provide your IT department with a pre-configured server which integrates with existing systems.  There is no physical change required to registers or other devices, so employees are unaware of any change.  After a brief training period for end users, eConnect will be up and running.
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Our customers realize a very high ROI, typically achieving break-even within one year of implementation.  eConnect software goes to work nearly immediately, identifying exceptions and root causes as soon as the solution is deployed.  The potential for enhancing value and stemming future losses is tangible and significant.
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