Using Identity Management to Aid in Casino Loss Prevention 

Technology makes our world go ’round today and likely will into the future, allowing companies in all industries to improve and innovate. Casinos are no exception. You’ve probably heard whispers for years about the potential of facial recognition and identity management in casinos and hotels like yours, but maybe you haven’t taken the leap yet. But at our current technological peak, facial recognition empowers casinos more than ever with AI-driven insights—so the time is now to explore the potential of identity management to aid in casino loss prevention.


What Is Loss Prevention?

As a bustling casino, you want to maintain a steady stream of activity and profits, but a few bad actors in the mix can throw you off course. Naturally, you want to reduce any risks to your business. You’re probably acquainted with loss prevention: practices designed to reduce theft, fraud, and other criminal activity. 

Casino loss prevention is about knowing who is on your property and what they’re doing, and it is essential to preserving profits as well as protecting staff and patrons. Loss prevention strategies powered by identity management help to identify advantage players, cheaters, and known ticket thieves—saving profits, time, and reputation.


How Does Identity Management Aid in Casino Loss Prevention?

Simply having an identity management system isn’t enough to protect your profits, but integrating it with the right technologies and features makes a huge difference. Your system needs to be able to access data to monitor and track patron activities accurately and discreetly.


Identity Management—List and Tagged-Based Alerting 

A major way that identity management can aid in loss prevention is rapidly detecting suspicious individuals and alerting you to their presence. This identification might be due to intelligence received—from the authorities, for example—or from your peers from other operations. It could also be from your own previous reviews or investigations, leading to identified faces being tagged.

Seamless integration into your data systems allows the rapid identification of suspicious playing patterns, such as players dwelling at slot machines or at table games or players performing beyond expectation. Facial identity management allows for these individuals to be flagged, so you know every time they access a facial recognition “touchpoint.” This identification can even extend to players’ vehicles; eConnect’s license plate recognition (LPR) integration can send alerts as a tagged individual enters the parking structure.  

AI-powered facial recognition technology and identity management systems integrated with casino data systems, such as the CMS system or “smart-shoes,” give you the tools to spot trends, behaviors, and individual player activities. As a result, your venue can track suspicious behaviors—such as advantage play, ticket theft, and cheating—as well as player visit frequency, player gaming value, and more.


Stopping or Preventing Behaviors That Deter Valuable Players

Unsettling situations such as physical or verbal altercations or theft and fraud by bad actors can scare away valuable players, which means they aren’t on your floor playing or spending money on food and beverages. That can mean a big hit to your profits—especially if your highest-level VIPs are deterred from their usual habits of frequenting your casino, spending significant amounts, and bringing their friends. 

Identity management systems help your venue take swift action by identifying and alerting your team to need-to-know issues. Real-time mobile alerts notify the right teams about key issues such as:

  • Banned individuals
  • Self-exclusion violations
  • Entry of cheaters or advantage players
  • ID fraud


Go All In on Identity Management for Casino Loss Prevention

From the parking lot to the game floor, you can enhance your casino loss prevention measures. Next-level, AI-powered technology and data integration is the way. Identity management to monitor and track patron activity on your property, tied to activity data,  can help your venue continue to be profitable, safe, and entertaining. 

eConnect is paving the way for casino facial recognition and offers five different solution suites to meet your unique needs. Learn more about identity management and get in touch with our experts to find the right solution for you.

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