It seems like you see new scams every day, doesn’t it? With such a jump in illicit activity, casinos like yours are more vulnerable to risks. Despite this, your operational goals are the same: prioritizing high-value patrons and providing positive guest experiences.

The good news is that technology unlocks the door to do just that. Learn about the technologies that provide casinos with new levels of insight and control, and see why facial recognition is the top choice in casino security.

Common Forms of Tech to Improve Your Casino's Security

“Video killed the radio star.”

Casino security has shifted. Watching a video monitor, flipping through mug books, and performing manual security patrols aren’t enough to capture all activity. Technology enhances casino monitoring the same way it transforms every other facet of life. These are just a few tools guiding that transformation:

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is easily the hottest advancement in casino security. With it, casinos have the power to track patron activity with a unique “facial fingerprint” matched against a database of thousands.

It’s not just used to spot criminals, either. Facial recognition technology identifies everyone, so venues like yours can use it to enhance engagement with VIPs and stop bad actors alike.

ID Scanning

Are your patrons really who they claim to be? Do some of them fit into special categories? ID scanning lets you know at the door with integrated face-matching capabilities.

With ID scanning, you can match faces to driver’s licenses and database images and check in vendors, patrons, VIPs, and employees. The potential lies in its ability to get people where they need to be safely and efficiently. 

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

What if you could sneak a peek at both risks and opportunities outside your casino? LPR employs strategically-placed cameras in parking lots and/or garages to read license plate numbers and gather intel.

Like facial recognition, LPR works for the broader picture. The software matches vehicles to patrons on the premises and reveals VIPs and known bad actors.

RFID Chips

The average person knows radio frequency identification (RFID) technology from its applications in preventing credit and debit card theft. However, RFID can be deployed in numerous ways beyond credit card security.

Casinos can take advantage of this tech by embedding it in poker chips to prevent theft and counterfeiting. RFID provides insights into how much money is changing hands and how much is on gaming tables.

Key Cards

Key cards aren’t just for unlocking doors. Casino-resort environments expand their use because key cards can double as player cards, too.

By linking key cards to players, you create a virtual paper trail of everywhere a patron goes and their actions at certain checkpoints. As a result, you can see gaming activity and money spent, revealing trends in activity.

Mobile Apps

There’s an app for everything, and savvy casinos know it. Venues on the cutting edge of technology deploy casino apps to benefit all parties—customers and operations.

Customers reap the benefits because the right app tracks their playing history, providing details on how much and how often they win so they can adjust their strategy accordingly. Casinos get the same visibility to expose patrons’ values and can further rely on apps to share alerts with key personnel.

Predictive Analytics

The best predictor for the future is to look at the past. Casinos can—and should—use predictive analytics to analyze past performance and assess how likely a customer is to exhibit a specific behavior in the future.

Has Patron X won big jackpots before? Does Patron Y have a history of attempting to steal from your venue? Analytics tools give you the power to understand your patrons—from their value to their risk potential to their worth. For instance, TITO monitoring and AML screening reduce fraud in real time, thanks to predictive triggers that reveal self-exclusion violations and money laundering on slot machines.

How AI Is Being Used in Today's Casino Industry

Of all the technologies available for casino security, facial recognition holds the greatest potential. As one of the premier software solutions in the space, eConnect might be a little biased in saying this, but we also know that the facts don’t lie.

AI-powered facial recognition unlocks casino-specific capabilities:

Enhances Reliability of IDs

With a 99 percent accuracy rate, venues can count on facial recognition to deliver advanced insights and inform decisions. Facial recognition technology helps to spot trends, behaviors, and player activities.

Expands the “Magic Number”

It may be wild to consider, but humans can only maintain 150 close relationships and recognize 1,500 people. With endless foot traffic in your casino daily, that’s not ideal. Facial recognition compares facial markers to thousands of database images to identify unlimited faces.

Improves Loss Prevention and Self-Exclusion Management

You want your casino to remain profitable and provide positive experiences, and luckily, facial recognition helps on both ends.

Loss prevention processes identify advantage players, cheaters, and known ticket thieves. As a major player in reducing loss, facial recognition detects suspicious individuals and alerts you so that you can save profits, time, and reputation.

What if players don’t belong? You know that many players self-exclude themselves to reduce problem gambling—something your casino must adhere to. Facial recognition scours databases to ensure that the faces passing through your doors don’t set off red flags, preventing both fines and negative publicity.

Leverage Casino Security Technology to Transform Your Venue

Casinos today have an endless array of choices to safeguard their operations. ID scanning, LPR, and physical tools ranging from RFID chips to key cards provide more control over the guest experience.

No. 1 in this long list: facial recognition, which can feed into everything else. As a result, the best casino security approach may be to combine tools to enhance experience and security.

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