Casinos are like bullseyes, targeted for fraud and vulnerable to crimes that can cause operational, financial, and even personal harm. Theft, cheating, and money laundering only scratch the surface of the risks a venue like yours could face. However, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By implementing the right technologies, you empower your operation to move ahead safely and profitably. Read on to discover the five casino software tools that can reduce crime in your venue.

Effective Casino Software Tools

Who’s coming and going, and what are they doing in your casino? The best casino software incorporates insights from across the operation to provide a 360-degree view of activities—including strengths and weaknesses.


1. License plate recognition

Start flagging patrons as early as the parking garage with license plate recognition (LPR). LPR uses cameras and software to identify vehicles. The software relies on high-definition cameras to capture images of license plates—plus location, date, and time—to interpret data. 

With the intel from the LPR system, you can then compare license plates to those in an existing database, allowing your venue to:

  • ID who enters and exits the property
  • Flag VIPs, from big spenders to high-stakes winners
  • Spot banned vehicles, from known criminals to self-excluded players
  • Search for lost or stolen vehicles and assist police who are looking for criminals

eConnect’s LPR tool allows you to do the most with the data you collect. Configure the system to not only store historical data and reveal trends, but also send alerts as tagged individuals enter parking structures. 


2. Entryway ID scanning

The best casino software helps venues create a secure environment, reduce crime, and learn more about patrons—starting at the door. ID scanning software works overtime so you don’t have to, scanning faces and enrolling patrons into the facial recognition database right at the point of entry.

eConnect protects your entrance, thanks to eClear® ID Scan. The system quickly spots VIPs you want to engage with the most—all while monitoring for bad actors. With eClear® ID Scan, you can:

  • Automatically scan each patron as they walk through the entrance to stop undesirable guests from entering. 
  • Activate the embedded guest-counting feature to manage traffic flow.


3. Facial recognition to prevent money laundering

It’s been historically difficult to stop money laundering at cage windows and voucher redemption kiosks. Once upon a time, slots dispensed silver dollars, which players would collect as their playing money. Now it’s “ticket in ticket out,” and machines print a ticket with a barcode to show at the cage or scan at a kiosk to collect winnings. 

Money laundering is changing, too. Patrons enter casinos, put money into slot machines, and print a bunch of tickets to fly under the radar. The biggest offenders are usually uncarded players who intentionally transact below the thresholds of alerting the casino, walking away scot-free.

How eConnect works

With the right software, money launderers don’t stand a chance. eConnect stamps out criminal activity by correlating transactions to players’ faces. If players process similar transactions over and over again, they’re on the record—appearing each time on-camera at a cage window or a kiosk—revealing trends.

Not sure if it’s worth it? Consider the implications under Title 31 and the Banking Secrecy Act (BSA). If something goes wrong and your suspicious activity report (SAR) isn’t accurate, that could spell trouble in the event of an audit, including:

  • Fines
  • Loss of licensure
  • Venue closure

eConnect raises red flags on individuals who previously went unnoticed. Our platform identifies problems in advance, sending alerts about individuals in your casino who could also be committing similar bad acts on other properties. 


4. Integrations to monitor POS transactions

Casino software isn’t exclusive to your entrance or active gameplay. Patrons come and go and partake of myriad activities while on your premises. Because money is involved, retail, restaurant, and sports betting activities are just as important to monitor.

Cashless environments present unique challenges because they’re hard to verify in a flurry of activity. 

  • Patrons can motion as if they’re making a contactless mobile payment but actually falsify their payment, and the cashier doesn't recognize the deception until they’re gone. 
  • Workers can manipulate tips by voiding items, transferring money from the check onto the tip, and more. 

Additionally, sports bettors may have moved online, but they still have to go to the casino to get money out of their accounts. These patrons are extremely valuable based on how much they're wagering, but they aren’t carded players, leaving casinos clueless. 

  • Facial recognition can identify when a player is betting big, opening a window to further opportunities with them. 
  • Casinos are piloting sports betting kiosks as a new frontier to reach a fresh demographic. 


How eConnect changes the game

eConnect has a strong foundation in POS monitoring. Our POS Connect tool gives visibility into all transactions. With it, you can spot patron trends and internal theft at the cash register. Crack down on fraud and theft by integrating POS monitoring.


5. Automated mobile alerts

What better way to respond to suspicious activity in your venue than real-time action? Automated mobile alerts are a critical tool to stop crime because they enable staff to catch criminals in the act or before they leave.

Traditionally, only surveillance would have access to images and video. However, mobile alerts empower your whole staff. With automated alerting, you can start with surveillance, who can share details with personnel outside the surveillance room. Mobile alerts provide actionable information, such as: 

  • A suspect’s last known location
  • Whether a patron is tagged as a known cheat
  • Video clips of suspicious activity
  • Other unique attributes about the individual

Thanks to app integration, mobile alerts make it quick and easy to get notified on the go—anytime, anywhere.


What Happens Without Facial Recognition Software?

Not only is it frustrating to be two steps behind, but it’s ineffective, too. Without AI-powered facial recognition, you could be picking up the pieces instead of showing someone the door. Last month’s footage might show somebody robbing a fellow patron or stealing a slot voucher—but mobilizing so late means they’re long gone.


Incorporate casino software tools 

You need the peace of mind of knowing you’re doing everything to keep your environment safe and profitable. After all, a steady flow of traffic, gameplay, and ancillary spending keeps the wheels of your operation turning. 

If that's disrupted, your clients will surely let you know. They’ll stop coming in—and bringing their friends—if they don’t feel safe, leaving you to lose business. Casino software prevents financial loss, reputational harm, and even violence. Leverage technology to keep bad actors out and optimize the environment for valued players to enjoy themselves.


Are Your Tools and Technologies up to Date?

Security challenges keep changing. You don’t want last year’s facial recognition doing today’s work. Up-to-date casino software checks several boxes to make the highest impact on your operation, including compatibility, integration, and optimization. eConnect answers all three.



eConnect is compatible with the newest cameras, providing increased accuracy thanks to advanced footage. We’re also pressing the gas on our software with robust databases, AI, and machine learning. 



eConnect is well known for having a platform that integrates with more systems than anyone else’s does. We connect to all the latest hospitality and gaming systems, pulling the best data and most relevant associations.



eConnect takes advanced technology and pairs it with best practices to deliver vital insights. Camera positioning is key and should optimize easily to show your operation the details it needs. Maybe that means putting cameras closer to eye level or placing them in strategic areas such as inside kiosks. Effective technologies overcome challenges with different cameras, different placements, and different settings. eConnect provides flexibility.


Stop Crime in Your Casino with Software Solutions

LPR, entryway scanning, facial recognition, POS integration, and mobile alerts automate key operations, allowing you to take action. Without the right casino software, you could be left grasping at straws, struggling to determine what went wrong. eConnect’s unique suites of modules assist in key casino operations—giving you the visibility and data you need to act swiftly. 

Think facial recognition and data intelligence could help? Deploy casino software to transform your venue. Get in touch with our team to request a demo and choose the right solution.

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