Countless patrons come through your venue every day, and it’s a tall order to keep up with each one. What if you could monitor traffic before individuals enter your doors and join a crowded sea of people and activity? Advanced license plate recognition (LPR) provides this insight, allowing you to gradually record data from the parking lot. Read on to learn what exactly license plate recognition is and how it helps casinos just like yours.


What Is LPR?

Advanced license plate recognition relies on both cameras and software to identify vehicles. The high-definition cameras work in tandem with optical character recognition to capture images of license plates—plus location, date, and time—which is then interpreted by the LPR software. 

Venues such as casinos trust LPR software to compare the license plates on patron vehicles to a comprehensive database. This way, they can keep an eye on who enters and exits the property, flag VIPs and banned vehicles, and even connect vehicles that are associated with each other. If necessary, a venue can manage a list of allowed and banned vehicles, which will prompt an alert if they enter the property.

Most cameras are mounted to light posts and entrances, providing the freedom to collect data quickly and easily. You can also configure LPR systems to store historical data, enabling you to reveal trends on who’s coming and going through the venue. 


LPR During the Day and Night

Have you ever taken a selfie at a sunny baseball game or in a dark movie theater? If your mobile phone is older or is a budget device, your images probably aren’t the best. However, if you have the most recent iPhone, for instance, you get better results. 

Camera quality and lighting conditions matter just as much in advanced license plate recognition. Sometimes parking lots and garages are poorly lit, making it challenging to read license plates. Luckily, the best cameras are designed to perform in all lighting conditions (sort of like a new iPhone does for selfies), from low light to glaring light. 


Use Cases for Advanced License Plate Recognition at Casinos

Casinos use license plate camera recognition systems to identify patrons and VIPs and to pull in patron loyalty details. Systems like eConnect allow casinos to provide an extra layer of security and ensure positive gaming experiences. 

Identify VIPs 

Imagine that your casino has a high roller who not only wins big at the slots pretty regularly but also often brings his friends to join in on the fun. Because they are a valuable revenue stream for your venue—between gameplay, food, and drinks—you probably want to nurture that relationship and keep that player coming back again and again. 

LPR systems associate a vehicle to a face, connecting that information to a player's card. As a result, automatic license plate recognition rapidly identifies VIPs, notifying your casino host when those guests arrive so the host can greet them and build a positive relationship.

Identify Unwanted Guests

Self-excluded players and other unwanted guests sometimes try to make their way onto your property to gamble, which is problematic. License plate recognition mitigates this issue by stopping them before they reach the front door. 

LPR collects data about patron vehicles such as their license plate information. With this data, venues can control property access in a few ways. For one, When the system reads a plate, it can trigger the parking garage gate to open, automating parking access. This, paired with the built-in mobile alerting system, gives you greater control over who enters your venue. Mobile alerts work to notify security when a banned or stolen vehicle arrives and inform your workstations in real time before the owner enters the casino.


eConnect’s Property Access Control Security Suite

eConnect protects your venue from the outside in. Our comprehensive Property Access Control Security Suite brings together the powers of advanced license plate recognition, entryway screening, and identity management to keep your venue safe for high-value patrons. Deploy video monitoring, facial recognition, AI, and analytics to keep banned patrons out and ensure only a positive flow of traffic. 


Deploy Advanced License Plate Recognition at Your Casino

Thanks to LPR technology, you have new levels of security and insight within reach. License plate recognition is your extra pair of eyes outside your casino, monitoring traffic as it comes and goes. Day and night, spot VIPs and banned patrons alike, using the opportunity to create the best experience possible. Watch our video about LPR to learn more about license plate recognition, and get in touch with an expert to discuss implementing it for your venue.

Watch Our Video About LPR