Your casino probably sees thousands of patrons every day—from bad actors to VIPs and everyone in between. Each group matters to your operation, but unfortunately, bad actors usually claim the limelight. Flip the script and give VIPs their due instead. Discover how eConnect helps you refocus and learn how facial recognition enhances the VIP experience.


Why VIPs Should Be Your Top Priority

Security and surveillance activities usually focus on keeping bad actors out of your casino, but there’s another group you can’t afford to ignore: your VIPs. These players provide regular, valuable business—spending 100-200 times that of any casual player—and bring new patrons with them. Between gameplay, food, and drinks, that’s a tremendous revenue stream, and VIPs deserve some pampering. 


What happens when you don't prioritize VIPs?

Turning a blind eye to your VIPs has consequences, even if you want nothing more than to keep them coming back again and again. Whether it’s how you interact with them directly or how the activities in your venue affect them, the relationships you have with VIPs are easily impacted.

Missed opportunities

When VIPs don’t appear to be No. 1, you’ll quickly miss out on chances to engage with them—fostering relationships and providing comps they’re sure to enjoy so they keep coming back. On top of this, your casino could also miss out on acknowledging high-value uncarded players, leaving another important revenue source untapped.

Greater damage potential for bad actors

Think about what happens when a local restaurant gets bad reviews: Customers vow not to return. The same is true for casinos, especially when your VIPs—your biggest advocates—are involved. If your casino is exposed for violence, theft, or some other crime, VIPs hear about it. Soon after, they tell their friends and diminish your reputation—and they don’t return themselves.

Luckily, shining a light on VIPs is a breeze with the right tools. Facial recognition changes the game for VIP engagement. 


3 Ways to Use Casino Facial Recognition to Enhance the VIP Experience

Facial recognition helps your casino separate VIPs from other players. When you take the steps to do this, you can unlock opportunities to increase personalization and elevate customer satisfaction. Several of eConnect’s casino facial recognition products are instrumental in identifying and engaging VIPs.



Expecting some of your best players? Sending mobile alerts to your VIP hosts via the eConnect Alerts app starts their visit off on the right foot. Even if a player texts or calls to let you know they’re coming, facial recognition with alerting lets you know exactly when they arrive and tells your team which entrance they’ve used. 

Of course, you can get much more than a simple text message about a VIP’s arrival. Alerts can be customized to deliver key insights. Learn about venues your VIPs are frequenting—such as nightclubs, restaurants, and golf courses—and get reminders about their preferences and values. 


License plate recognition

Start the experience at the parking lot with license plate recognition (LPR) before VIPs even enter the venue. The system can match vehicles to players’ faces and connect the information to a player's card, generating mobile alerts when a VIP face is detected. 

With this insight, the player development team and even the GM or COO can greet these VIPs at the door with a handshake and well-wishes, showing them a level of service they haven't seen before. Excellent customer service leaves a lasting impression, and players will remember you when they are deciding which casinos to visit. 


ID scanning 

Monitor real-time data so your casino can better identify and engage with VIP players. eClear® ID Scan separates VIPs from the pack at the door. With it, surveillance cameras capture video footage for facial recognition software to match faces against a database of VIPs. ID scanning is just one more way to see when VIPs arrive and engage with them.


Leverage Facial Recognition for Better VIP Relationships

Remember to treat your VIPs as the very important people they are! These customers alone have the power to significantly impact your reputation and revenue. If they’re stuck playing second fiddle to bad actors, your casino could miss out on valuable opportunities. 

Want to learn more about how to use facial recognition to take better care of your VIPs? eConnect is hitting the road. Check out our calendar and sign up for a lunch and learn session near you.

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