Casino Connect is a suite of products which were designed to optimize profitability on the casino floor. The modules below are well known for unlocking insights into player activity, house profitability and game protection all while reducing the workload on the surveillance, compliance and floor managers who manage the operation. 

Below you will find a brief description of each module along with a quick video that goes through the core features and functions. 




At the core of Casino Connect, is our deep integration to the Player Management System. Combined with data from other sources, and surveillance video,  our users have a 360 view of player activity at their fingertips.


Table Games Protection

By combining data from electronic shoes, surveillance, and ratings our users can keep a closer eye on your table games with less effort than before. Detect cheating, collusion and dealer errors.

TITO Tracker with Facial Recognition

With millions in transactions happening every day across the casino, it can be challenging to properly monitor for ticket theft, fraud, and money laundering. TITO Tracker changes all of that. 

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