The Problem:


There are many issues that casino operators face in the gaming business. Most of those problems are created by bad actors who visit the casino. In other cases, the issue lies in the missed opportunity we have to engage with an anonymous, high-value player. 

Ultimately, operators haven't had the right tools to identify these issues, and with impending crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical that they put in place effective, new measures--not just placebos--now and for years to come.

The Solution:


Finding affordable, turnkey solutions that can quickly plug into existing systems to scale up operations.

eConnect's Identity Management system, eClear 360, leverages multiple data integrations and ties them to our industry-leading facial recognition algorithm. This opens the door for new insights, opportunities, and revenue protection, all from one platform. Key capabilities include:


  • Identifying Anonymous High-Value Patrons, their Gaming Value, and Frequency of Visits.

  • Detecting Excluded Patrons, Advantage Players, and Patrons who have committed crimes in the past. 

  • Detecting money laundering and Title 31 compliance issues before the IRS and FinCEN impose a fine on the operator.

  • A great tool to help the operator with Know Your Customer (KYC) mandates.

  • Works seamlessly with eConnect's License Plate Recognition to associate vehicle license plates with enrolled faces in the Identity Management database.

Since 2009 eConnect has provided over 350 gaming operators with business insights on its POS Connect platform. Over the last five years, our engineering team has developed Identity Management with the guidance of our customer community making it one of the most compelling products in the gaming industry. 


Although there are many facial recognition systems on the market today, most have limited functionality.  eConnect is the only system that successfully associates transactional data to faces. By utilizing existing cameras within TITO redemption centers and integrating to player ratings, the system aggregates and totals all transactions by the patron’s face. 


The platform captures, analyzes, and compares patterns based on the person’s facial details through a three-step process  to ensure the highest levels of accuracy:


  • Face detection – an essential step as it detects and locates human faces in images and videos

  • Face capture – transforms analog information (a face) into a set of digital information (data) based on the person’s facial features

  • Face match – verifies if two faces belong to the same person


The Identity Management system employs patented technology to provide operators with accurate facial identification reinforced with data analytics to identify staff members for time-clock integrations, detect unwanted individuals or valued guests, and improve operational efficiency.  This unique solution integrates with many varied data systems and, where necessary, works with existing CCTV video management systems.

Case Study:

Adding Identity Management to our customers' operations has proven to be a huge success everywhere it has been deployed. Our case study below illustrates how we were able to save our customer $113,450 within 30 days.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use my existing surveillance system?

The short answer is, it depends. Most systems are now digital, and cameras are high resolution. We offer a free facial rec analyzer tool that will asses the quality of your existing cameras. Simply export a 4-5 minute clip of your video, and upload it to the following tool for analysis:

Can this system detect faces when someone is wearing a mask?

It does so surprisingly well. Assuming the initial image of the face is clear, there are 42 points above the nose that the FR engine can use to detect a face. If someone however, is also wearing a hat and glasses, the detection fails.