Casino security and surveillance are in the middle of a renaissance, with new advancements emerging regularly to keep pace with industry changes and everyday risks. Maybe you’ve already implemented ID scanning and facial recognition, but what about license plate recognition?

Casinos need to be proactive instead of reactive, taking steps against crime before it happens. License plate recognition protects your property inside and out so you don’t have to wait until a bad actor is on your floor to respond. 

Learn how casinos around the U.S. are implementing license plate recognition to provide comprehensive protection.


3 Benefits of License Plate Recognition in U.S. Casinos

License plate recognition goes far beyond simply distinguishing vehicles. For casinos like yours, the technology provides insights into who is on your property and whether or not they should be removed—putting tools in place to take appropriate action. 

Specifically, license plate recognition enhances casino operations in several key ways: 


1. It improves identification. 

Keeping track of who’s coming and going on your property is a lot for your team to handle. However, license plate recognition provides an additional layer of identification for people entering the casino. 

Using AI intelligence to ID vehicles, LPR compares each plate to a database of known license plate numbers via a process of data validation, helping security know if the car has been flagged as stolen or belongs to a known bad actor. From here, LPR coordinates with facial recognition to match driver or passenger faces to known individuals. When you put license plate recognition in place, it’s easier to identify and track vehicles, as well as the movements of individuals within the parking garage—and prevent entry into your casino.


2. It enhances communication.

With the right tools in place, information won’t get lost in the shuffle. License plate recognition is one of those tools, helping your casino communicate across systems, devices, and departments.

When license plate recognition is integrated with your casino’s alerting system, it can send alerts when suspicious activities are detected, breaking down operational silos. As a result, surveillance, compliance, and security can stay in sync and take appropriate action—whether that means stopping someone driving a stolen vehicle or denying entry to self-excluded patrons.


3. It elevates marketing and VIP relationships

Stay in step with your most valuable patrons. Because license plate recognition collects data regarding who’s on your property, you gain a treasure trove of valuable details to connect with individual players better. 

For one thing, it’s much easier to track customers’ visit frequency. Seeing when and how often certain patrons come and go from your property tells you who to target your marketing to. If someone is quickly becoming a high-value player, offer promotions and incentives to keep them coming back.

Even more importantly, license plate recognition opens more opportunities to connect with your casino’s VIPs. Between gameplay, food, and drinks, your VIPs are your most revenue-generating customers, and you want to build relationships with them. LPR provides an edge by sending notifications to VIP hosts. When these customers arrive at the parking garage, AI cameras connect their vehicle and face to their player’s card, telling the host where to greet them.


How eConnect Answers Casino Needs

eConnect is one of the only platforms specifically designed to work in casino environments. Our license plate recognition technology has a powerful analytics engine that integrates across required systems, including facial recognition, video analytics, and point-of-sale systems, so casinos can identify license plates and track an individual’s movements. 


eConnect’s license plate recognition goes to work out west.

Major casinos across the country are discovering the value of our solutions, such as a Four Diamond Award-winning resort in California. After trying another vendor’s license plate recognition, the resort needed better accuracy and more speed. The alternative? eConnect, which provides instant information and matches IDs and player’s cards with license plates. To date, casino security has responded quickly to and ejected over 1,000 criminals, plus made a number of arrests.


Get Onboard with License Plate Recognition 

Do you know WHO is on your property? License plate recognition goes to work to improve your visibility of individuals on your casino property and puts the wheels in motion for how you respond to them. Integrate LPR across systems to improve communication and alerting, and use insights to improve relationships with patrons. 

When you put it all together, license plate recognition has the power to improve your security, surveillance, and customer service. eConnect can deliver on all fronts. 

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