Between detecting money laundering and self-exclusion violations to generating patron alerts about bad actors, VIPs, and influencers, the sky’s the limit with casino facial recognition. It has wide-ranging capabilities, but people are still trying to understand the technology—looking for a balance between what they envision and what facial recognition can realistically do. 

Come along as we explore the differences between facial recognition expectations and reality.


Common Expectations for Casino Facial Recognition 

“Of course facial recognition can do this ... right?” 

Stacking today’s casino facial recognition against earlier versions of 10 years ago is like comparing apples and oranges. As a solution provider, we want customers to understand the value facial recognition provides. The fact is that today’s solutions are better, from improved algorithms and HD cameras to fast and intuitive software to manage it all. 

Here are just a few of the most common expectations customers have, and because no two casinos or solutions are identical, there’s nuance to each one. 


You can use an existing camera system. 

One thing we often hear from customers is that they’ve already invested in a camera system. The challenge is that you can’t always use your existing infrastructure with facial recognition technology. Sure, in some cases, aspects of the original camera system can be used—but many things will need to be reconfigured.

Why? Often, it’s because the existing system was built for a different purpose. As a result, current cameras are probably up high, and facial recognition is all about being able to see the face. When you invest in facial recognition, it requires special infrastructure.


You can put the cameras anywhere.

If your cameras aren’t positioned properly, facial recognition can’t do its job. Your cameras need to be able to capture vivid facial details, which means both the location and the environment matter, too. 

One thing customers often overlook is lighting, but it plays a huge factor. After all, sunlight can drown out the picture! Without good lighting and positioning, the algorithm will have a difficult time extrapolating the details of each face. On top of this, you can’t just put a camera in the middle of the floor and call it quits. Aim for choke points with a flurry of traffic and activity, such as entrances, exits, and the cage. 


The software works right out of the box. 

Plug and play, right? In theory, facial recognition works as soon as you get it. The challenge is that you need to do some work to get it right. It takes strategy and effort to ensure your cameras are angled correctly, and on top of this, your system will need to learn over time if you’re starting with a brand-new database. 


How eConnect’s Facial Recognition Compares to Expectations

When you’re ready to choose a casino facial recognition system, it may not need to check every single box on your wish list, but it can’t disappoint you, either. eConnect works hard to deliver as much as possible and bring your dreams and reality closer together.


Accuracy depends on the environment. 

We make a point of emphasizing that technology and environment are the perfect tag team—and you need to get both sides right. Part of this means we provide advice to get customers on the right path and meet their expectations. 

In fact, our methodology and technology set us apart from other facial recognition companies. We hold onboarding meetings with clients to talk about their goals so they get a right-fit solution and consistently test the system against those goals to ensure it’s meeting their expectations.


How eConnect Stands Apart from Other Solutions

Let’s say you’re choosing between three platforms: One is made someplace else, another is from a startup, and the third is eConnect. Our respective technologies might have a few things in common, but eConnect stands out on three core differentiators.


We’re made in the U.S.A. 

eConnect is based in Las Vegas, Nevada—and everything we do starts here, too. Instead of selling a platform that’s made overseas, we make our cameras and software right here in the U.S. The bulk of our professional, experienced support team is located in the U.S., with key team members also scattered across the globe to provide support to a far-reaching customer base.


We bring a trusted reputation to the table.

With eConnect, you never settle for second best. Our platform uses a top-five National Institute of Standard Technology-rated algorithm, guaranteeing quality and accuracy. 


Our platform is award-winning.

We don’t brag, but we’ve also worked hard to make eConnect an award-winning solution. The gaming community backs us up, and we’ve earned multiple awards because of it. In 2021, eConnect was voted as a top technology provider in multiple areas, such as leadership, innovation, and overall best vendor—and we continue to grow and improve every day. 


Learn What Casino Facial Recognition Can Really Do

Expectations and reality don’t always jive when it comes to casino facial recognition, but that isn’t a bad thing—it just means there’s room to learn. Existing cameras have limitations, lighting and positioning are vital, and the best software requires a little setup work. Once you understand that, you can reframe what you’re after and work with your solution provider to meet your needs. 

We’d love to partner with you. Request your demo to see how eConnect can enhance your casino.

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