Facial recognition software—technology designed to identify and verify a person’s identity—has made great strides in recent years.

Today, facial recognition software is one of the most powerful surveillance tools there is, transforming security for casinos, resorts, airports, grocery stores, banks, and beyond. Modern facial recognition software offers a more accurate, efficient way for security teams to simplify and enhance operations, screen patrons, minimize fraud risk, and offer a better experience for all staff and guests.

Each year, Gaming & Leisure (G&L), a preeminent gaming & hospitality organization, recognizes the top innovation leaders in the gaming technology industry. eConnect was recently named the best facial recognition software on the market as part of the coveted 2021 Annual Gaming & Hospitality Industry Awards for our identity management innovation. Find out why and which features help eConnect stand apart from the rest.


4 Ways eConnect Stands Apart from the Rest

eConnect excels in numerous areas, but there are a few key differentiators that really make our Identity Management suite the best facial recognition software in the biz. Our platinum grand prize from G&L acknowledges that our Identity Management suite excelled in all three award categories:

1. Commitment to Innovation
At eConnect, we’re never satisfied with the status quo. What worked yesterday may not make the cut today or tomorrow. That’s why we’re constantly looking for ways to innovate, enhance, and upgrade our award-winning platform to meet our clients' ever-evolving needs. We aim to be at the forefront of emerging innovations to help digitally transform the gaming and hospitality industry.

Here’s how our own president and CEO, Henry Valentino, spoke about our organization’s commitment to innovation and industry transformation:

“The G&L Community has awarded eConnect for its innovation efforts numerous times. Along with those awards, eConnect has created several patents, inventions, and third-party integrations, which is a culmination of what allowed us to build the Identity Management solution. Our commitment to transforming the gaming and hospitality industry has proven to be rewarding, which would not be possible without our clients and business partners who assisted us in turning great ideas into fantastic solutions."

2. Industry Transformation
Industry transformation is what eConnect is known for. We see challenges as opportunities to disrupt the industry and make it better with our innovative solutions. Take the COVID-19 mask challenge for example: Mask requirements for COVID-19 have made it very challenging for casinos and resorts—high-risk environments where security is essential—to properly screen and identify patrons.

At eConnect, our technology combats facial recognition challenges brought on by masks, measuring 42 points above the nose and mouth to match faces against our database. As a result, casino and resort security teams are better able to effectively and efficiently identify masked individuals as they enter and engage within the establishment, ultimately enhancing security and simplifying operations.

3. Superior Customer Service
eConnect is also committed to offering superior customer service for each and every client we serve. Our customer service team has more than 100 years of combined digital gaming technology experience, and we're available 24/7/365 to provide the support you need to enhance your casino’s security operations and maximize the benefits of the best facial recognition software.

In addition to customer and technical support, we also offer a number of different training and educational resources. For example, eConnect University—our customer-exclusive knowledge base—offers valuable information on the latest security risks and mitigation strategies. Webinars are also available to help educate our existing and potential customers on our software, as well as the latest industry trends. 

4. Key Casino Integrations
eConnect’s software integrates seamlessly with all major POS, surveillance, and video management systems. Customers of varying technical skill levels can turn on casino integrations right away thanks to eConnect’s user-friendly plug-and-play features.

Key system integrations offer casino operators the ability to associate POS transactions, gaming play, TITO, and cage transactions with a patron's face. This gives gaming operators a complete story on a patron’s value while also alerting compliance and surveillance personnel when bad actors are causing harm to the operation.


Exploring the Best Facial Recognition Software

eConnect’s Identity Management suite is made up of several must-have facial recognition features, which majorly impacted G&L’s decision to award us best facial recognition software. Some of the key features include:

  • ID scanning to screen casino patrons and enroll them into the automated access control at the point of entry
  • Biometrics to detect problematic patrons when they arrive and automatically notify security teams so they can take fast action
  • VIP detection to identify high-value patrons and alert VIP hosts so they can deliver a better experience to top gamers
  • AML forensics to give compliance agents better visibility into issues that occur, even with anonymous patrons
  • License plate recognition (LPR) to associate vehicle license plates with enrolled faces in the Identity Management suite
  • Self-exclusion module to allow former patrons to self-exclude from gaming at your casino remotely
  • Mobile alerting system to send real-time push notifications that alert your entire team to vital issues from anywhere

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