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As we help our customers re-open, we’ve learned a lot about the new requirements and standards that have been set forth. To support these policies, we’ve made some additions to our industry leading solutions and introduced eClear to help further facilitate touchless authentication.

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eClear is a Thermal Camera with Built in Face Matching.  This camera is lightweight and portable, can be placed at guest or employee entrances and can be permanently mounted if desired.

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eClear is a single device with a number of applications:

  • Temperature Checks – Automatically screen all entrants and send an alert if temperature is elevated.  Provides fundamental safety for your property and compliance with regulations.
  • People Counting – Most gaming operators will reopen their properties with a reduction in maximum occupancy levels. eClear gives casino management a real-time aggregate count of all entrances and exits while simultaneously recognizing and alerting about valuable players. The system also alerts the team about the arrival of banned players even if they are wearing face masks.
  • Employee Safety – As team members come back to work, they’ll want assurances that the workplace is safe and you’ll want a process that makes it so. This is a hands-free solution which can be used as a time clock, making it more secure and offering a process that is far more sanitary than before.
  • Face Matching – Protects your property from banned or excluded players.  Can be connected to your loyalty database to instantly recognize and reward all players, especially VIPs.
  • VIP Recognition – If you’ll be controlling your entrances more carefully, this solution will help get valuable guests through your doors more quickly. As you have maximum capacities, you’ll want to get the valuable guests in the door more efficiently. Once you enroll the guest into the program, they will have seamless VIP entry on their subsequent visits.

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