Manual security and surveillance processes are out, and automation is in. Remember the days of scouring mug books, rooms full of surveillance technicians, and security officers posted throughout your casino? They’re still essential strategies, but facial recognition technology has opened up so many doors to bear the brunt of the surveillance burden. 

What about combining facial recognition capabilities with innovative ways to store, access, and share information? eConnect is transforming the industry with new tools to do this so you can capture more bad actors. Read on to see how our new identities database gets the job done.


Get to know the identities database.

Hundreds, thousands, even millions of faces—facial recognition finds out who’s who, but organizing the data is another matter. eConnect’s identities database gathers information all in one place so casinos can respond in the right way and at the right time.

Elevated Facial Recognition

Need a tool to give a helping hand to your facial recognition software? Our identities database provides headshots of known criminals and banned individuals. With it, your casino gets a comprehensive and up-to-date resource for identifying and tracking potential threats.

eConnect ID Connect dashboard


Improved Collaboration 

Get in sync with your teams and with others in the industry. The identities database is especially helpful for large casino enterprises with multiple locations. Start by using the identities database to streamline your security and processes across multiple properties. Then, share your databases of bad actors with fellow surveillance directors, including information from local and state police departments such as:

  • Images
  • “Be on the lookout” alerts
  • All-points bulletins

Get on the same page and create a more collaborative approach to security. Your casino and the gaming community at large win with faster and more effective identification and management of potential risks. 


Understand the benefits and use cases.

Make your surveillance tool set more powerful. Put the identities database to the test and leverage automation, so you can get back to basics. The tool provides key features to strengthen your operation:

Rapid Identification

Toss the bad apples. The main benefit of sharing identities comes from pinpointing the people you already know are out to do harm. With the database, you can quickly identify suspicious individuals who shouldn’t be on the property—from known criminals to self-excluded players. 

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Mass Data Import 

What are the latest gaming risks? eConnect’s identities database lets you automatically import local, national, and international information about known criminals—even the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list. 

Save security personnel time and resources by eliminating manual data entry. The comprehensive data import capability can quickly and accurately upload and categorize new data, keeping your database up to date with current threat information. 

Customer Focus

“The customer comes first.” By quickly identifying flagged individuals, your casino and its staff can focus on what matters most: Return your attention to providing tailored and attentive customer service.


Join the future of facial recognition and surveillance.

Save time and resources on tracking criminals. With ready access to a database of known criminals and the ability to share police information with your properties and fellow casinos, you can send them packing. 

eConnect is the leader in casino surveillance. Our facial recognition platform protects your property inside and out with solutions to manage compliance, property access control, point-of-sale protection, and more. With the identities database, you can amplify your facial recognition implementation even more. The database tool integrates into our existing software ecosystem to work seamlessly with all existing platform tools and features.

Want to power up your surveillance and join the future of facial recognition? Schedule a meeting to learn how our invite-only identities database could help you!

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