Are You Getting Cheated at the Point of Sale?

“I have the best team, and I trust them completely!”

“My team members would never steal from my casino.”

Every bushel has the potential for some bad apples, so how can your own employees make you lose money at the point of sale (POS)? In this on-demand webinar, the experts at eConnect talk about the intentional efforts of employees to negatively impact your revenue, padding their own pockets or extending benefits to family and friends.

Does any of this ring a bell? Your venue could become victim to several POS scams, including:

  • Having a high number of no-sales

  • Canceling transactions

  • Voiding menu items

  • And more POS scams

Learn more about the most common scams and the intricacies of how each one works so you know what to watch out for and can take swift corrective action. Your casino can stop getting cheated at the POS—learn how.

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“Over time, they could put together a playbook of how to manipulate and scam the POS system.”