The Problem:

There are two major problems when it comes to legacy time clocks. 

1. Touch clocks are a breeding ground for germs and that's not something we want in our workplace. The eClear Time-Punch solution is completely contactless which helps you keep the time-clock area sanitized across every shift. 

2. Many organizations have problems with buddy-punching. This occurs when one team member convinces another to punch in for them in cases where they're going to be late or not come in at all. By using eConnect's Face Matching technology, it allows the operator to completely stop buddy-punching.


The eClear Time Clock Punch system is state-of-the-art. The system allows team members to be clocked into your existing time & attendance system with our patented face match technology. 










We work with large time & attendance companies like Kronos, Paycom, and ADP to deliver a fast and accurate way to clock team members in. 

Key System Features:

  • Works with the eClear system to simultaneously take the team member's temperature before clocking them in

  • Easy enrollment of team members through the TeamClear cloud management application

  • Seamlessly integrates with all major time & attendance systems.

  • Easy to install, maintain and update

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