We're thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership between eConnect and Omnigo, two leaders in the security and technology landscape. This collaboration is set to transform the way casinos and hospitality venues approach security and surveillance, ensuring safer and more efficient operations.

A Strategic Alliance

At eConnect, we have always been at the forefront of applying advanced technology to solve real-world issues in the gaming and hospitality industries. By partnering with Omnigo, we are leveraging their extensive experience in public safety and security management to enhance our facial recognition and data analytics solutions. This synergy will allow both companies to deliver a comprehensive security solution that is more than the sum of its parts.

Enhanced Security and Operational Efficiency

The integration of eConnect’s state-of-the-art facial recognition technology with Omnigo’s robust incident reporting solutions means that our clients can look forward to an unprecedented level of security surveillance. This partnership will enable venues to not only spot and stop potential security threats more effectively but also improve overall operational efficiencies, which is critical in high-stakes environments like casinos and resorts.

A Word from Our CEO

Henry Valentino, CEO of eConnect, shares his vision for what this partnership will achieve: "Joining forces with Omnigo marks a significant milestone in our mission to enhance safety and efficiency for casinos and hospitality venues worldwide. Our combined technologies will set a new standard in the industry, creating an environment where security and customer service excellence coexist seamlessly."

Showcasing Innovations

The first major showcase of our joint solutions will be at the upcoming Global Gaming Expo (G2E), where attendees can experience firsthand how integrating our technologies makes a real difference in security management. Following this, eConnect and Omnigo will roll out a series of initiatives, including educational webinars and co-hosted events, to further demonstrate the value of our integrated solutions.

Stay Tuned

As we gear up for an exciting future, stay tuned to our blog and news updates for more information on how this partnership continues to evolve and shape the future of security in the gaming and hospitality industries.

About Us

eConnect is a leader in facial recognition software and data analytics tailored for the gaming and hospitality sectors, dedicated to delivering solutions that enhance security and operational outcomes. Based in Las Vegas, we are committed to innovation and excellence in everything we do.

Omnigo Software is a pioneering provider of security management solutions, serving diverse industries by enhancing safety and simplifying operations.

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