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PlateConnect - License Plate Recognition that’s fully integrated with Identity Management

When it comes to surveillance, what usually comes to mind? Most often, we think about cameras that capture high-resolution video of people. However, a good surveillance system is about more than tracking human movement, sometimes object detection becomes a key factor in detecting issues before the people are even seen.

With that in mind, it’s essential for operators to monitor cars that enter and exit their premises. It’s mission-critical to capture and record license plate numbers along with the ability to index the license plates that correlate to patrons who are known to be VIPs or those who have previously been excluded from entering your facility

LPR Explained Simply

License Plate Recognition aka LPR is a software solution with an algorithm that is designed to read alpha-numeric characters on a license plate and convert it into readable text in a database. 

The Type of Camera is Important

When it comes to capturing license plates, a dedicated camera designed for that sole purpose is required. A regular surveillance camera won't work. You do have a couple of options, depending on your needs. If you're just looking for a camera that can take pictures and video anytime a license plate moves through the frame, then you could probably deploy a license plate capture camera (LPC). But for operators looking to record license plates, the limited set of tools LPC cameras offer will not be sufficient.

It’s simply too tedious to manually record every license plate that’s captured by your camera. So when the time comes for you to locate a specific license plate, you'll have to sift through loads of picture and video files before you find the right plate. This could turn into a very time-consuming task.

The LPR Camera is the Key to Automation

If you're looking for a time-saving device that can recognize license plate numbers and automatically pull them into a database for easy searching, configurable filtering, and instant retrieval, then you need something more advanced than an LPC. This is where a license plate recognition camera (LPR) comes into play.

An LPR camera will take pictures and video of license plates just like an LPC. But what sets the LPR apart is its ability to convert the picture of the license plate to text. It will then use that text to create a database of license plates entering and exiting your property. Plate Connect will allow you to browse through all your captures or search for a specific license plate. 


Plate Connect does all this and more. Here are some key system features that your team will benefit from:


  • Automatically reads all license plates and converts them into usable alpha-numeric data

  • Allows team members to search by plate number and retrieve the corresponding video footage as long as the video storage is available on your NVR/VMS system

  • Correlates a license plate number to the face of the individual person who may be driving the vehicle provided their face has been enrolled into the Identity Management system by eConnect

  • Automatically sends mobile and email alerts about VIPs or Excluded patrons who arrive on property in a vehicle that has been tagged in the eConnect alerts module

  • Associates license plate with faces in the Identity Management system. 

  • Integrate with 3rd party data systems such as Amber Alerts and Police Departments. 





How to Install Your LPR

In order for your camera's software to convert and compile license plates, it needs to be able to take good pictures of the plates. So if you want to get the highest efficiency possible out of this camera, you're going to have to take the time to set it up just right. This will involve finding the proper location, setting it up at the optimal dimensions, and adjusting the settings on the camera's interface.

Proper Location

When mounting your camera, keep in mind your goal of capturing license plates. It's best to set the camera up in a spot facing a choke point, a small area where cars move in and out at a consistent pace and position. The eConnect team will help you with camera placement so you have optimal results when it comes to the accuracy of plate recognition. 


Next Step -- Site Survey

The best way to reach success with your LPR initiative is to do a proper site analysis. eConnect will take a look at your environment and advise you on the right solution for your needs while advising you on industry best practices. 

We look forward to assisting you.