Technology in the Casino Industry Helps You Do Right by Your Patrons and Stay in Compliance

As much as you want consistent player activity in your gaming venue, some individuals want or even need to be registered to your casino self-exclusion list. Besides, violating self-exclusion can have serious implications for your business, such as hefty fines, negative publicity, or even a loss of license. 

How can your venue stay in compliance while supporting people on your self-exclusion list? There has to be a way to satisfy both needs.

Our checklist, “Q & A: How to Use AI in the Casino Industry to Make Self-Exclusion Easier,” answers the most common questions we’re asked about self-exclusion, such as:

  • What types of self-exclusion does eConnect help casinos meet?

  • What self-exclusion guidelines need to be followed?

  • How do facial recognition and license plate recognition (LPR) technology help keep excluded patrons out? 

  • What challenges do casinos face by not implementing self-exclusion technology?

  • Does self-exclusion really work?

  • If facial recognition technology isn’t implemented at all touchpoints, how can this affect the casino’s ability to catch excluded players?

  • How did casino self-exclusion work before facial recognition?

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