You know how it works: Facial recognition technology takes images of individuals and compares them to a database of tens of thousands of images. Has someone been busted for a crime before? Is a VIP on the premises? Between identifying and ejecting bad actors and discovering opportunities to engage with the highest-value patrons, facial recognition unlocks the door for your casino to achieve its goals. 

But what if your system cannot keep up with the amount of visitors entering your property? What if it is only processing 10% of the faces? To generate results, the facial recognition system you choose has to be fast in a variety of ways. Read on to discover why facial recognition speed is important for casinos.


Elements of Facial Recognition Speed

Facial recognition speed means more than one thing. In fact, quality systems account for both speed and power to carry out the functions you need to protect your property. Whether you’re just starting out or simply switching up your facial recognition technology, remember to keep these in mind:


Frames/Faces per Second (FPS)

How many pictures can be taken and sent to the facial recognition system each second? This includes factoring in how many unique faces can be extracted from a single frame rather than just an individual face. Generally speaking, a higher FPS provides higher accuracy and performance. 


Recognition Speed

How quickly can the facial recognition system identify a face? Without a background in software, you’re probably more interested in how quickly facial recognition can actually make an ID. Effective systems typically work in milliseconds plus provide continuous optimization of a database that holds tens of thousands of faces.


Processing Power

Does your system have the right level of “oomph” to work for your entire property? You probably need more than one camera stream. Processing power is the system’s ability—thanks to graphic processing units—to process multiple camera streams throughout the property.


Why Speed Matters

The early bird gets the worm, and the speedy facial recognition system catches bad guys. Facial recognition speed matters because it provides better protection for your property, including its valued patrons. With the fastest technology, you can:


1. Streamline Identity Verification

Customers come to play, so the faster the facial recognition technology can identify them, the quicker they can move on to the casino floor. The right tools streamline the entry process and keep the casino moving efficiently. With it, you’re not limited to manual ID checks, and instead, security personnel can match a person's face to their ID, preventing fraud and ID theft at the entrance. By having a technology-enabled backup for your team, your venue reduces human error and speeds up entrance security overall.


2. Enable Real-Time Protection

To make facial recognition usable in security situations, reaction time is vital. After all, you need to process thousands of faces, and having technology that can do so in real time will help your venue take action. 

For this to work, the technology must be scalable. Facial recognition that grows with you provides the speed you need to keep operating at the right level. That means having a strong on-site infrastructure. While the cloud is the “hot” thing in tech today, that’s not always the case for facial recognition, and due to security concerns, not applicable for the gaming industry. . Thankfully, on-site systems are faster, providing quicker response times and lower operational costs. Consider this: It’s far easier for security to stop someone at the entrance than it is to remove them from inside the property!


3. Elevate Customer Experience

Quick and efficient facial recognition not only streamlines casino entry but also ensures patron safety. The right tools can even generate people counting—or unique faces—reports and understand the frequency of visits. 

Just think of what all of this does for the customer experience. Everything is connected; faster systems allow you to respond quickly to issues, ensuring patron safety and preserving your reputation. Combined, these pieces make patrons feel protected and more likely to return, even when minor issues such as public fights pop up.


How eConnect’s Software Delivers Better Speed

eConnect is proud to be the only facial recognition platform built specifically for casinos. We take everything from features that help your operation respond quickly to actual system speed into account. Our solution stands out by connecting all of the puzzle pieces.


eConnect Alerts Mobile App

Get actionable alerts in the palm of your hand. The eConnect Alerts mobile app sends real-time operational alerts directly to your phone, ensuring that surveillance, security, compliance, and other necessary departments can respond to issues quickly. For the first time, you can empower surveillance and security teams to be proactive rather than reactive, avoiding a game of catchup and preventing incidents instead of responding to them later. 

eConnect Alerts allows you to forward alerts like Snapchat messages; they disappear after a certain period to maintain privacy and security and create a sense of urgency. Each alert comes in the form of a short description and is generated based on certain tags, either immediately or at a threshold of activity.


Lean into Speed to Improve Your Facial Recognition Performance

FPS, recognition speed, and processing power can make your head spin while you look for a facial recognition system, but they form a picture of performance to elevate your security, surveillance, and casino overall. That’s why system speed matters too—better performance to enable ID verification, real-time protection, and positive customer experiences. 

Ready to see how the right facial recognition technology can provide speed and accuracy? Explore eConnect. Get in touch to request your demo today and elevate your operation.

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