White Papers

Industry Insight for Casinos & Hospitality

Staying in front of theft, fraud, and cheating requires Hospitality and Gaming Operators to stay one step ahead of the competition as well as those who wish to exploit weak points in the theft prevention system. Often, casino and restaurant fraud can occur without raising any apparent red flags, with most of the damage done stealthily under the guise of card counting, deck manipulation, or out-and-out POS System fraud.

Additionally, today’s thieves may not necessarily be the people you’d expect. Often, the main culprit is employees themselves, taking advantage of trust and autonomy to defraud weak points in your security system. Similarly, some thieves have taken the time to identify which games will be less likely to arouse suspicion n, and have identified ways to exploit basic practices to cheat their way to a profit.

That’s why having the right information and insights into how to keep casino scams out of the Casino Resort is critical to preventing these situations from taking a bite out of your bottom line.

Our collection of White Papers take a deep dive into several key methods fraudsters use to game the system, as well as methods of using casino surveillance and restaurant analytics to supplement and strengthen your loss prevention system before cheaters and thieves ever get a chance to do damage.