Trade Shows

August 20th – Upper Midwest Intelligence Gathering – Northern Lights

Network with vendors of security and surveillance for Tribal Casinos; seminars that cover a variety of subjects directly related to security and surveillance within Tribal Casinos. Attendees come from all over the upper Midwest. This is the 20th Anniversary.

October 8th – G&L Round Table

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The G&L Roundtable shapes the gaming and hospitality landscape of innovation and operations by providing, in one forum, the very people who can foster that change. In addition to the many CXOs in attendance, the G&L Roundtable is honored to host the most gaming CIOs in one private forum in North America, representing a vast majority of gaming and hospitality spend domestically and beyond. The most important G&L Roundtable asset is the amazing leaders who attend, the time they dedicate, and the new terrain they carve for all of us in the industry.

October 9th – G2E Vegas

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Global Gaming Expo (G2E) is “the show” in the casino-entertainment industry. The event showcases the technologies, services and products of exhibitors and provides an atmosphere to buy/sell, network and learn.

November 5th – Table Games Conference

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As a Table Game Executive, you know that there is more to the business than meets the eye. Just like any industry, the table game business is always evolving. You must always be on the lookout for new and productive paths to building profits; issues that can subtract from your bottom line; the latest technologies; promotional tactics; and service and marketing tools that drive traffic to your games.

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