Top TITO Vulnerabilities

tito vulnerablities


The sound of a jackpot has changed significantly since the 90’s. That nostalgic clank of a coin payout can still be heard throughout the floor of some niche slot rooms, but new TITO / Player Tracking technology has mostly replaced these classic machines. Change is inevitable, and with this new change, comes new weaknesses. Our experts constantly analyze threats to the casino floor. Here are the Top 5 TITO vulnerabilities identified by eConnect:

tito ticket5. Partial Payouts

A partial payout occurs when a ticket is inserted into a machine, with an amount that is not supported by the denomination. For example, a ticket valued at $148 is inserted to a $10 slot machine. In this instance, the machine will spit out a ticket for the remaining $8. Quite often, the patron assumes the machine is out of order, takes the $8 ticket and leaves.




4. Ticket Theft

At first, this may seem rare. How could someone allow a ticket to be stolen from them? When combined with what we know about #5’s Partial Payouts, distractions & comped alcohol, it happens more often than you would think. This is not just theft from the patron. Ticket Theft uses casino resources as they are often asked to investigate lost or stolen tickets. A stolen ticket for $20 may require $75 in labor to resolve.


Concept of money laundering - dollars are drying on cord isolated on white background3. Money Laundering

Casinos have always been an ideal location to change illegal money. With the advent of automated TITO Redemption, it’s never been easier. Though FinCEN has tasked gaming operators with the responsibility of reporting suspicious transactions, with so many events happening on the casino floor, this activity remains difficult to prevent. In future articles, we will dive deeper into the type of behavior to identify this in real time.


shake2. Employee Collusion/Reprinting

Employee theft accounts for the majority of loss throughout all industries, and gaming is no exception.

Most lost or stolen tickets are reported, but what happens to the lost tickets that are never claimed? Each TITO ticket is created with an expiration date. If they are not redeemed within 60 days of their creation, the funds return to the house. Employees with sufficient access are able to run reports of unclaimed tickets which are about to expire, and reprint them for redemption.


hourglass1. Theft of time

If you ask any surveillance professional, TITO incidents are frequent, and their investigations are time consuming. Each time a ticket is inserted into a machine, the system generates a new ticket number. A single TITO ticket may have a dozen or more events. Manually referring to slot location, time of ticket event, and pulling up the correlated video takes dozens of man hours each week.

At eConnect we do not just identify problems, we create solutions. Our new Casino Connect™ TITO Module seamlessly connects your TITO system to existing surveillance cameras. What once took hours can now be accomplished in seconds. Our users are alerted to suspicious activity in real time, with video to support the data. Learn more about our TITO Module, and other gaming solutions at https://www.econnectglobal.com/casino-connect/

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