TITO Tracker™

Reduce Time and Risk

Each day, there are tens of thousands of TITO events on the Casino Floor.  Many suspicious TITO transactions are lost in the vast amount of data.  Anomalies within this data are difficult to identify, and even more difficult to investigate. How many hours per week does your surveillance department spend investigating AML cases or tracking lost or stolen TITO tickets?  By combining TITO transaction data with slot location, surveillance video and now Facial Recognition technology, eConnect’s TITO Tracker™ gives its users real-time, actionable intelligence of the casino floor, greatly reducing the risk of non-compliance and money laundering schemes.


Unleashing The Power of Artificial Intelligence

Facial recognition at the Kiosk, tied to an overarching system of monitoring all TITO or EGM cash transactions, closes a major threat vector.  You can be alerted if an unknown, but AI identified individual cashes out:

  • More than a certain number of TITOs within a given time-span;
    More than a certain threshold value of TITOs, where the generation of an SAR might be appropriate;
  • More than a recordable threshold value, where they do not wish to reveal their identity, even though this is a mandatory legal requirement.

This fully customizable solution allows the casino Operator to set their own risk-based triggers and alerts, based upon their own understanding of their operational vulnerabilities.

Investigations that previously took hours are now completed in seconds.

With a seamless collaboration between the slot department and surveillance, teams now have the capability to pro-actively search for threats.