TITO Tracker™

Are You Title 31 Compliant?

Ticket In, Ticket OutEach day, there are tens of thousands of TITO events on the Casino Floor. Many suspicious TITO transactions are lost in the vast amount of data. Anomalies within this data are difficult to identify, and even more difficult to investigate. How many hours per week does your surveillance department spend tracking lost or stolen TITO tickets? By combining TITO transaction data, with slot location and surveillance video, eConnect’s TITO Tracker™ gives its users real-time, actionable intelligence of the casino floor to ensure compliance.

The Industry Problem

TITO scams cost casinos hundreds of thousands, if not millions in lost revenue every year. From ticket theft to employee collusion, threats to the casino occur from every angle. Casino’s also face heavy fines from their regulators if it is believed that they have lax money laundering controls.

Do you know if players are cashing out at a value just below the Title 31 thresholds? Do you know if they are playing, or just cycling money through, your machines?

Here’s how eConnect solves this problem

slotsEvery TITO event contains a location, date, time, and a value. eConnect pulls this data, in real time, from your existing Casino Management System (CMS). We then analyze this data for potentially suspicious activity and provide real time alerts of exceptions to authorized users.

When installed on surveillance workstations, eConnect will render video with the associated TITO event. Investigations that previously took hours are now completed in seconds. With a seamless collaboration between the slot department and surveillance, teams now have the capability to pro-actively search for threats.