Ben Parks

Business Development Executive

Service to others. That is the common thread I see when I look at back at my life choices. Two enlistments in the United States Air Force (one of my best decisions ever!), a career in hospitality, and now my sales profession – all are geared toward helping others. This comes through in my personal life, too, with my involvement with a great local charitable organization: Los Vaqueros Las Vegas.

Born and raised in the Midwest, global travels via USAF Strategic Airlift missions, a few stops around the country working in the casino industry and here I am today; an 18-year resident of Las Vegas. My move here provided me an amazing opportunity to build new corporate marketing capabilities for the biggest name in the casino industry. That role exposed me to the value of data, and an appreciation of the mindset and technologies required to capture that value.

Data, technology, and service: all three come together in my sales profession where I have the unique opportunity to partner with data-driven organizations and help them achieve their goals.