Stop Card Counting in Real-Time with Intelligent Video Surveillance

For casino owners and gaming operators looking to minimize loss and prevent fraud, one major source of loss can be notoriously difficult to stop: card counters.

This may leave some operators wondering: is it be possible to stop card counters before they do damage to the bottom line?

Enter, CasinoConnect – an intelligent, technology-driven casino surveillance system designed to not only identify when a player is counting cards, but also to record and store all data as a reliable source of truth.

Using advanced analytics technology paired with intelligent bet recognition, CasinoConnect is making it easier to catch card counters and identify advantage players, and put a stop to it long before your budget starts to feel the pinch.

Card Counting: A Prevalent Industry Loss Factor

In all of our years working closely with gaming operators in some of the biggest casinos in the world, we’ve learned that one problem persists in fraud prevention: catching card counters in the act, which can sometimes require an almost impossible level of awareness on the part of dealers and operators.

That’s because card counting is, in reality, a numbers game; card counters do not need unusual mental abilities in order to count cards. Because of that, card counting is not technically “illegal” or “against the rules” – meaning it can often go unnoticed, it can become a prime vector for profit loss if left undisturbed.

As a result, casinos and gaming operations often waste hours (and thousands of dollars) every year just in investigating potential cases of card counting – let alone taking enforcement action and implementing changes to prevent card counting from continuing in the future.

So, what is a gaming operator to do to combat this tough-to-catch fraud technique, especially when it is happening in real-time?

The answer may just lie in advanced analytics and surveillance technology, which can not only detect real-time card counting, but also empower operators to take action before the real damage is done.

How Casino Connect Stops Card Counters In Their Tracks

When working to combat instances of card counting in Blackjack, Casino Connect gives casino surveillance operators an edge over card counter by seeing the Hi-Low count on the surveillance monitor while simultaneously watching the surveillance video. Similarly, Casino Connect helps prevent advantage play in Baccarat.

Using a single Windows-based server, Casino Connect integrates with the intelligent card shoe, allowing for 100% accuracy on card suit identification. The system the synchronizes that card-shoe data with your existing surveillance cameras, giving the business operator a reliable tool to proactively monitor each player for card counting or advantage play.

Additionally, CasinoConnect allows for finer integration between the gaming floor and your video surveillance to many kinds of potential casino fraud, including TITO scams and suspicious betting scams typically designed to fly under the radar of most gaming operators’ surveillance capabilities.

And although many aspects of CasinoConnect can be highly beneficial toward fraud prevention and scam identification, the intelligent analytics available to gaming operators can also help to boost gaming table efficiency while boosting your overall surveillance capabilities without ever disturbing the natural flow of the gaming floor for your customers.

How Video Surveillance is Changing The Way Operators Stop Card Counters & Cheaters

While many gaming operators of years past may have been limited to only piecing together clues and suspicions in the effort to catch cheaters, today’s operators have access to a wealth of new technologies that make identifying and proving instances of cheating much simpler than ever before.

By integrating real-time video surveillance and advanced AI technologies with gaming table data, CasinoConnect allows operators to see a broader picture of the card counting process, integrating historical events to show deviations from established patterns that can better help identify unusual or suspicious activities. Operators can also then isolate any card counting activity and export the data and video as evidence, helping to minimize liability when the time comes to take action.

Moreover, this intelligent analytic technology helps to decrease overall investigation time into suspected instances of card counting, boosting the efficiency of your surveillance efforts to allow one team member to seamlessly countdown all vulnerable tables at the same time.

Don’t Let Card Counters Rob Your Bottom Line

Regardless of how experienced your gaming staff might be at catching card counters in the act, keeping an eye on all players at all tables, at all times, is downright impossible – unless you’ve got intelligent video surveillance and data analytics backing up your efforts.

With the power of CasinoConnect, gaming operators are now able to identify, record, and stop card counters more quickly, efficiently, and safely than ever before. If you’re interested in boosting your anti-cheating efforts on the gaming floor, get in touch and see what eConnect can do to keep card counters far away from your bottom line.

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