Invest in Your Players

Casino operators have the ability to learn where a bulk of their ratings are happening, and through video surveillance correlation they can verify the accuracy and legitimacy of the rating. When ratings are entered by an employee, the Player Ratings module will identify the activity in the seat that the player was rated at. It will look at all aspects of the play and through the video surveillance, it will verify if the rating is accurate, fraudulent or if there is a training issue to look at.

Industry Problem

All casinos want to keep their best customers coming back. Players who have shown they will give the house a shot at their money are treated very well. They offer free beverages for customers while they are playing; discounted hotel rooms, and free meals are the most common comps given by casinos. For mid-tier players, — people who bet hundreds of dollars a hand — the casino might give free airfare, room, food, beverages, or limousine service. For “Whales” more extravagant gifts are given, such as cars, trips, fine jewelry, clothing, VIP event tickets and many other unique gifts.

The problem with this incentive system is that the authorizing Pit employees will take advantage of the system in many cases. They have the opportunity to fraudulently rate friends, family and associates for personal gain. This is not to say that everyone is doing it, but the industry has identified a lack of checks and balances and preventative measures. This prompted eConnect to build this module for their clients.


How The Problem Is SolvedPlayer Ratings

  • eConnect™ installs a single windows based server and integrates with the player tracking system allowing them to see all ratings activity with time-date stamps.
  • eConnect™ deploys an IP based integration to all major surveillance systems or will provide the customer with the right surveillance equipment.
  • The Casino Connect™ software will synchronize the player ratings data with the surveillance cameras giving the business operator a tool to proactively monitor all types of ratings fraud.
  • Casino Connect™ Custom Query Builder and Behavioral Intelligence Modules will allow the operator to see historical events so nothing is missed. This is especially important on busy weekends and holidays where priorities may be focused on other areas.
  • Casino Connect™ Case Manager allows operators to isolate any fraudulent activity and export the data and video. The exports can also be admitted in court in cases of employee fraud.


The Benefit

  • Protection of casino assets that have previously been difficult to monitor.
  • Better understand how your players incentive program is functioning.
  • Stop fraud and collusion from before it creates a major financial disaster.
  • Easily create custom reports on player ratings to better understand player activity.