POSConnect™ – Loss Prevention

An Industry Problem

POS ConnectTheft is everywhere. Bars. Restaurants. Retail. Any industry that handles cash has a problem with potential theft from their own employees. Businesses lose an average of 7% of revenue due to internal theft and a typical thief can go undetected for 3+ years. Businesses often fail due to their inability to stop fraud, lacking the necessary resources and knowledge, allowing thieves to fly under the radar of their employers.

…Which is Difficult to Detect and Prevent

75% of employees have admitted to stealing at least once & modern employee theft can go unnoticed for years. POSConnect is used to quickly detect internal employee theft by analyzing POS transactional information & combining video surveillance cameras. The system is able to work with all major POS systems and surveillance equipment. POSConnect uses a state of the art Behavioral Intelligence Engine that proactively determines which employees are operating outside the trend of the rest of their peers, thus providing actionable information.

POSConnect Solves the Problem

POSConnect integrates with the existing POS system to listen to every transactional keystroke made on every POS terminal. Our Behavioral Intelligence Engine analyzes this data for suspicious activity. Employees who deviate from statistical norms are flagged from the system for review. When synchronized with video, operators can quickly identify if there are procedural errors or if theft is occurring.