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Bars, restaurants, retail, and basically any industry that handles cash faces potential theft from their own employees. In fact, up to 75% of employees have admitted to stealing at least once and modern employee theft can go unnoticed for years.

That can mean big losses –  businesses can lose an average of 7% of revenue to internal theft.


Without the right necessary resources and knowledge, it can be nearly impossible for businesses to execute effective employee theft prevention strategies.

Difficulties Detecting POS Fraud

Cashier theft, bartender theft, and other forms of cash register theft all violate that basic element of trust which should exist between employer and employee. This can make employee theft prevention – especially cash register loss prevention and restaurant loss prevention – a tough-to-tackle problem for businesses of all sizes.

The only way to know for sure if your employees are guilty of POS skimming when your back is turned may be to simply never turn your back. A smart, integrated, and comprehensive surveillance system tied into your POS system can help business owners and operators do just that.

POSConnect Solves the Problem

POSConnect integrates with your existing POS system to listen to every transactional keystroke made on every POS terminal. Our Behavioral Intelligence Engine analyzes this data for suspicious activity. Employees who deviate from statistical norms are flagged from the system for review. When synchronized with video, operators can quickly identify if there are procedural errors or if theft is occurring.

With the combined knowledge gained from POS transactional information analysis and video surveillance, POSConnect can quickly detect internal employee theft and use a state-of-the-art Behavioral Intelligence Engine to proactively determine which employees are operating outside the trend of the rest of their peers, thus providing actionable information.

The system is able to work with all major POS systems and surveillance equipment, meaning you can integrate POSConnect with your existing system and start enacting reliable POS theft prevention strategies before employee theft threatens your bottom line.


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