Player Appraisal™

Player Value AppraisalWhat is the Value of Each Player?

Players are the most important and valued aspect of a casino operation. Without them, there would be no operation at all. Competition to recruit and to retain valuable patrons is fierce, and the expense of losing a valued player is high. Being able to know the worth of a player to the operation, based upon actual data, is critical to this process. Taking the data from eConnect’s Ratings Module and modifying it with Bet Sessions™ results for enhanced accuracy, eConnect’s Player Appraisal can give unprecedented detail on the value of the player over time.
The industry problem:

The current methods used to calculate the actual value of a patron to the Casino operation can be described as one part “gut instinct” and one part “voodoo math”. The average rating system has so many shortcomings that for the vast majority of patrons, their actual worth to the operation is little better than speculation; mainly because it makes it so difficult to see how the patron is actually doing against expectation.

Player Appraisal presents this information on a patron-by-patron, game-by-game basis in an easily digestible and referenceable graphical format. It shows you when a patron appears to be winning or losing more than statistical norms would allow for, allowing more proactive approaches to their play to be considered. It also flags “play outliers” that may be indications of problems or changes in circumstances.

It provides actual, actionable, intelligence on the patrons of value to your operation.

pvaeConnect Player Appraisal™

Picture calculating the worth of every patron, from their first rating, and knowing their value to the casino. eConnect’s Player Appraisal identifies players who might be a problem. If they’re winning too much money, how is that occurring? If they’re losing more than they’re expected, as a responsible operator, should you be intervening? Player Appraisal helps ensure that all players are operating within the statistical norm by monitoring win/loss and dramatic changes in bet patterns.

Knowing their value can allow your operation to award them accurately and adequately. It uses existing ratings data and any Bet Sessions entered against that particular patron. eConnect’s Player Appraisal creates an unprecedented, complete picture of the player’s value to the operation.