Counting people because people count

People Counting is an important part of any brick and mortar business. People counting systems are used to estimate trends of attendance, schedule staff, manage sales performance, evaluate the effectiveness of promotions, combined with marketing activities for optimal merchandising, in accordance with trends in attendance. People counting makes the most efficient use of resources – people, time and money, which, in effect, leads to higher profits.

How can eCounter™ be used? A good people counting system gives you the statistics of visits at different times – by the hour, day, week and month.

With the eCounter system you can:

people walking

  • Determine the number of potential visitors visiting your business. Learn who is buying vs. browsing.
  • Track trends in attendance by hour, day, week, month & congurable.
  • Organize actions and sales in accordance with the trend of attendance.
  • Track the number of people in line at any given time.
  • eCounters unique algorithm will estimate the amount of revenue you have waiting as well.
  • Correlate POSConnect™ live streaming transaction data with eCounter™.
  • Use in casinos to determine the best placement for new slot machines and understand when to deploy table games dealers as peak times.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of sales, by comparing the ratio of visitors and buyers, as well as other financial indicators in relation to the number of visitors.
  • Plan labor on they- move employees to the critical locations when lines are too long or when a big group is moving in the direction of a specfic revenue center.
  • Select the most effective source of advertising – tracking changes in the number of visitors, depending on the type of advertising (newspapers, radio, TV, banner ads, online, etc.).
  • Determine the first and last visit (opening \ closing the store).
  • Set the cost of rent in accordance with the attendance of the commercial facility