Introducing CheckScore: Combining the Power of AI with POSConnect

Keep A Close Eye on Suspicious Transactions

Complex POS systems and evolving employee fraud methods make spotting instances of fraud – not to mention taking action – a historically difficult task. Luckily, Artificial Intelligence is here to change that fact.

New to our POSConnect solution, CheckScore is an AI-driven check scoring system designed to monitor every POS transaction, helping to quickly and efficiently identify which checks are high-risk and which employees are responsible for them.

Using proprietary algorithms, CheckScore can quickly identify each high-risk check and attach verifiable video surveillance, making it simple and easy identify and remedy potential instances of fraud. This allows business owners to identify and stop previously unknown cases of employee theft with just a fraction of the effort required by other, more manual methods.

Interested in Learning More about CheckScore for POSConnect?

If you’re interested in bolstering your POS theft prevention and employee theft efforts with the power of CheckScore, get in touch and learn more today.