Hospitality Systems of The Future



The future is a scary place…but one also filled with opportunity.
On the one hand you have a rag tag band of human resistance fighters trying to preserve their freedoms and liberate the world from the oppression of their AI overlords and on the other hand you have that same AI, intent, in a coldly mechanistic way to crush humanity beneath its robotic heel…or track…or whatever.
Do you ever feel that way about your hospitality systems?
Well perhaps not that they are trying to eradicate all fleshy life on the planet so much as that they are, resolutely, not giving you complete access to all of your information so that you can make intelligent decisions about your own business? That has certainly been the case in the past, but the good news is that it does not have to be the case in the future. AI can either be feared or utilized efficiently to track data information. Opportunities are abundant with the technology of today and one must seize them or be left behind in the industries of old.

future 1Silos of the Past

Each silo of traditional data systems was useful for a time. The information gathered from Point-of-Sale systems, Hotel Booking systems, or Staff Scheduling systems are like islands of data that have no way to communicate with each other. If communication could happen, patterns could emerge to provide overall knowledge of how a business is performing across the massive sea of data. Is this possible? The answer, it has already begun.

future 2Data Mining

The Internet is powerful because it is a vast sharing of information. To be most useful, data does not have to be hoarded, it has to be shared; and the more widely that it can be shared the more powerful it is. Silos are being broken down. With data, the more of it you have, provided that you can “mine” it properly, the more valuable and powerful it is. Since it is not consumed when it is being used and is not exclusive, different groups of people can look at the exact same data sets in different ways and derive different benefits from it.

future 3AI systems: Knowing what to look for

Breaking down the barriers between silos does not give immediate knowledge. It is a tsunami of data that must be sifted into meaning. AI, really machine learning “smart systems”, can be utilized to act as virtual data analysts to mimic the knowledge of experts within the field. By sifting through the data quicker than any business owner or manager could hope to do, they can provide better accuracy rates and highlight the areas that need more attention in a business.

future 4The Data Systems of the Future

Data and IT systems will be seen as a business’ life’s blood. Regardless of industry, data systems will:
· be seamless and non-siloed.
· share data continually and aggregate the data gathered with the aim of providing insight.
· Smart systems and machine learning algorithms’ will filter and mine this information to uncover what is vital from the mass.
· Machine/Human interactive systems will reproduce this filtered information in the most intuitive way for easy understanding and action formulation.

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