Game Pace

Optimize Table Games Operations

Game PaceTable game pace is important but until now it was a very difficult thing to measure.
What if there was a system where game pace could be read with precision? What could be accomplished with this information? Could it give a convincing assessment for table betting turnover? Would a casino run more efficiently with this information? The eConnect Game Pace™ system can do all of this and more to have a finger on the pulse of table games.

Advanced Turnover Analytics

Real time analysis of turnover on the gaming floor remains the ambition of table game managers. It’s known that game pace and turnover maximisation have an entwined, negatively correlated, relationship. As the number of patrons on the gaming table increases, the pace of the game slows to the point of diminishing returns. By combining ratings data with electronic shoe data, eConnect Game Pace™ can determine the optimal turnover level analytically.

How eConnect Game Pace™ Works

Game PaceThe eConnect Game Pace™ system uses a number of metrics to determine the pace that the table game is being played through a number of factors including how busy the table is, how many patrons are gambling, and the complexity level of their bets. With eConnect, what you end up with is an effective tool for measuring not just how many hands or coups are dealt per hour but a full range of optimisation statistics. Table game management now has the ability to make decisions of when to open tables, when to close them, even when to increase minimums or maximums based upon measured, real, metrics, not gut instinct.