What industry problem does your product solve?

A.) Any industry that handles cash has a problem with potential theft from their own employees. This problem has been around since the 1st merchants were trading goods for gold and paper currency. Unfortunately many employees will justify skimming from the cash till for a multitude of reasons and this hurts the business. According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, these issues came about from long-term employees and scams, adding up to amounts exceeding $100,000 per instance. These scams cannot be completely eliminated, but they can be stopped quickly before too much money is lost. This is where eConnect™ comes in.

  • How does POS Connect solve this problem?

    • POS Connect installs a single windows based server and integrates with the POS system server to listen to every transactional keystroke made on every POS terminal.
    • Each keystroke is formatted visually to easily understand what the cashier, bartender or retail clerk is doing.
    • eConnect™ deploys an IP based integration to all major surveillance systems or will provide the customer with the right surveillance equipment.
    • The POS Connect™ software will synchronize the POS data with the surveillance cameras, giving the business operator a tool to proactively monitor for theft.
    • POS Connect’s™ Custom Query Builder and Behavioral Intelligence Modules will allow the operator to see historical events so nothing is missed. This is especiall important on busy weekends and holidays where priorities may be focused on other areas.
    • POS Connect’s™ Case Manager allows operators to isolate suspected theft, fraud and collusion, and export the data and video which can be used in court, management meetings or for training purposes.

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