What is eConnect Global’s history?

• 2002- We signed our first major contract with HMS host. It was a telecommunications deal that included video. It was mounted on the back of a slot machine. We resold Cox Communications ISP services. We were a CLEC (A competitive local exchange carrier).
• Our going forward business strategy was to sell bandwidth.
• Additional revenue came from broadcasting from web cameras, pay per view weddings, traffic cameras, private pool cameras at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and at New York, New York private pool, Treasure Island Siren Show cameras and Helicopter Strip Cams.

• 2009-Rebranded company as eConnect. Since its founding in 2009.
• 2009 reintroduced the POS Connect product (was called restaurant version)
• 2009-The company has been profitable since 2009
• 2009-Started sales with an outside sales strategy
• 2011-Introduced the first casino connect modules
• 2013-Added an inside sales team and new sales strategy
• 2016-Introduced the ecounter product

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