Facial Recognition Tech: The Future of Player Analysis

In the quickly-advancing field of AI, few subjects offer more promise than the emerging field of facial recognition.

Teaching a machine to recognize and match a person’s face to their identity is no easy task, and the large amounts of time and money that researchers and industry leaders have devoted to developing these technologies have largely been met with failure – until very recently.

The result: an entirely new way for operators to identify, track, and take action toward individual players across the entirety of a gaming facility. This allows operators to prevent loss to their bottom line from fraud and noncompliance, as well as drastically improve the efficiency of their loss monitoring efforts.

Identifying (and Remembering) Faces: A New Technological Epoch

In just the past few years, developments in neural programming and machine intelligence have transformed the landscape of possibilities when it comes to putting AI technology to use for businesses. Increasingly, learning algorithms can identify what a face is, whether the face belongs to a specific gender, the age of the individual (within certain bounds) and, increasingly, who they are.

That doesn’t necessarily mean the machine can put an actual name to each face – not unless the name of the individual is already known ahead of time. However, it does mean that a system can identify where and when the same “unknown” individual has been viewed across multiple locations and multiple time periods.

Keeping An Eye on Those Bad Actors…

Advancements in facial recognition technology make tracking individuals across your property easier than ever before – and can mean serious improvements in everything from AML compliance to TITO fraud and employee theft prevention.

By matching video surveillance with existing player monitoring systems, operators can more accurately link particular TITO fraud events with visual data to more quickly and efficiently identify sources of fraud within their operations. This can help to pick out those employees or other staff actively attempting TITO fraud and create an immediate element of proof for any further action that needs to be taken.

Facial recognition technology can also go beyond the basic elements of identification, even tracking specific players based on specific busy period or likely play times to more accurately detect and alert operators of entrance or action from known suspicious individuals in real time. That way, operators can be among the first to know that a previously-identified individual has returned to the gaming facility, and what actions they are taking in the duration of their stay.

By catching these bad actors quickly (before they’ve had the chance to make repeat attempts at fraud), operators can drive serious savings to their bottom line and significantly improve their existing loss prevention efforts.

…And Knowing When Your VIPs Are On The Floor

In addition to helping operators root out bad actors in real-time on the gaming floor, facial recognition technology can also identify those high-value players for whom a particular level of customer service should be directed.

By identifying these VIPs, facial recognition technology can quickly and efficiently alert operators of when, how often, and for how long important players remain on the floor, as well as where they are most likely to play. This can help inform your customer service efforts for high rollers, and allow your staff to provide unmatched and instant service as soon as the VIP walks through the door.

Connecting Existing Surveillance Systems with Cutting-Edge Facial Recognition

At eConnect, we have taken this facial recognition technology and applied it to the vital area of AML compliance, including recognizing individuals using TITO vouchers to move funds for whatever reason.

This technology detects individuals cashing more than threshold values from TITO Kiosks or ATMs, or who conduct more than threshold numbers of transactions in a given time period. Furthermore, they allow alerts to be specifically assigned to these individuals, giving Operators sufficient time to intervene should they believe that this is the most appropriate response.

Facial Recognition technology and Machine Learning are the future of analytics for a number of compelling reasons:

  • Allow operators the ability to monitor all areas at all times, without ever getting tired, getting sick, or needing a break,
  • Operate with an absolute disinterest and a lack of any bias, only going in direction the data points toward,
  • Allow limited human resources, knowledge and insight to be deployed where it will do the most good in the most efficient way, rather than being squandered hunting through limited data sets,
  • Have huge growth potential as they increasingly have the capability to become “better” at what they have learned to do (recognizing individuals, cash chips, table game layouts, or activities within F&B checks.

Taken together these capabilities will shape the future structure of casino operations and of the departments tasked with running, optimizing, and securing them.

If you’d like to learn more about integrating facial recognition tech into your existing surveillance systems, we’d love to get connected to show just what this new and exciting frontier of technology can do to prevent fraud and boost your bottom line.

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