eConnect to Demonstrate its Facial Recognition Technology at G2E 2018

eConnect to Demonstrate its Facial Recognition Technology at G2E 2018

eConnect, Inc., a Las Vegas-based software company which provides hospitality and gaming companies with a platform for actionable information, reinforced by video, will reveal their latest Casino Technology at G2E 2018 in Las Vegas. eConnect will be demonstrating its AI capabilities with a suite of new technologies, including Facial Recognition.

Initially, eConnect will be integrating Facial Recognition technology with its TITO tracker software. TITO Tracker Allows the underlying value of TITO Vouchers to be rapidly and easily tracked across the Gaming Floor. It is an invaluable tool in helping our clients maintain Title 31 Anti Money Laundering compliance. Combined now with AI-based Facial Recognition at TITO kiosks, the range of suspicious activities that can be identified will be drastically expanded. If an unknown, but recognized individual, cashes out more than a certain monetary value over a selected time period, or cashes out more than a selected number of times, then alerts can be issued.

“If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will increasingly drive innovation and advancement. So, we continue to layer the latest technologies onto our platform,” commented Henry Valentino, President & CEO of eConnect, “Facial Recognition technology is an important element in managing the Casino floor.”

Analytics on the casino floor can make any casino run more efficiently. At this year’s Global Gaming Expo, eConnect will be demonstrating how these new technologies are making it easier for our customers and partners to stay secure, stay connected, and stay informed. By employing the power of Artificial Intelligence to detect and isolate unusual events in real time, eConnect is making it easier than ever for Gaming Operators to monitor entire gaming estates with unparalleled coverage.

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