eConnect, Inc., a Las Vegas-based software company which provides hospitality and gaming companies with a platform for actionable information, reinforced by video, will reveal their latest Casino Technology at G2E Asia 2017 in Macau. eConnect’s newly released Game Pace application combines ratings data, electronic shoe information and surveillance video to provide real-time analytics which help minimize dealer error and optimize turnover at the tables.

Table Games operators using Game Pace will be alerted when tables should be opened or closed based on the pace of play as well as when to change a dealer. Analytics on the casino floor can make any casino run more efficiently.

“Having additional players at a table does not necessarily increase bets per hour,” commented Henry Valentino, President & CEO of eConnect, “There is a point of diminishing returns, and the game begins to slow down. By using the eConnect platform, table game management can make informed decisions based on actual information rather than estimates. The power of this platform is game changing.”

The Casino industry is experiencing massive change. Data sources have proliferated and table games have seen a resurgence. Operators who lead the way by adopting advanced technologies to harness that data will have a clear competitive advantage.

See eConnect’s Game Pace application in action May 16-18 at G2E Asia, Booth 632.