eConnect Reveals its Latest Airport Solutions at AXN 2019

eConnect, Inc., a Las Vegas-based software company which provides hospitality companies with a platform for actionable information, reinforced by video, will reveal their latest technology at the 2019 Airport Experience Conference. eConnect’s newly enhanced POSConnect application now utilizes artificial intelligence to further analyze point of sale data for fraudulent activity.


Computers are beginning to outperform humans on various analytical tasks. eConnect’s new predictive analytic engine is no exception. Rather than scour through thousands of exceptions, the POSConnect system presents the user with a list of suspicious checks, as well as the most suspicious employees to review.


“On an average day, airport F&B operators conduct over 10,000 transactions. As much as 6% of the gross revenue is not captured due to errors or outlier activity.  Many times employee theft can be attributed to revenue leakage. Our system identifies those transactions that represent high risk to the client and allows them to take corrective action,“ commented Jeff Pohlmann, VP of Sales at eConnect.


See eConnect’s latest airport solutions at AXN 2019 February 25-27.

About eConnect

eConnect™ is a cutting-edge technology company that helps improve business performance through data and video intelligence. The company seamlessly integrates digital video surveillance with transactional data from point-of-sale (POS), casino systems, people counting and other data sources to quickly and directly improve profitability, efficiency and the guest experience. eConnect offers measurable ROI within months of system deployment. The software tools are world-renowned for their ability to discover previously unknown problems, thereby reducing or eliminating sources of loss and correcting operational problems. For more information, visit www.econnectglobal.com

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