eConnect Launches Solutions to Facilitate Casino Re-Opening

eConnect, Inc., announces eClear. eClear is a thermal imaging device that can read temperature in a contact-free, self-serve manner quickly and effortlessly. eClear also can be connected to employee databases thus serving as the new time clock.

Checking our temperature has become more and more important as we reopen the economy and move forward with critical life-saving safety and sanitary measures.

“It has been a very tough time for the hospitality industry,” said Henry Valentino, eConnect’s CEO. “We are learning about the new best practices and standards being set forth throughout businesses around the country, and eClear will help everyone get back to business. The power of eClear is a quick temperature reading using thermal imaging. In an instant, it also checks for a mask, and then uses face match to enable access.”

With this solution, eConnect continues to lead the hospitality industry by leveraging its facial recognition offering to help further facilitate touchless authentication. eClear can be placed at guest or employee entrances and can be permanently mounted or placed on a tripod as needed.

In addition to the basics of preventing the spread of disease by automatically checking temperatures, the facial recognition component offers many benefits, such as a real-time aggregate count of all entrances and exits while simultaneously recognizing and alerting about valuable customers. The system can also alert the team about the arrival of banned customers even if they are wearing face masks.

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