eConnect Launches New Table Game Technology – Bet Sessions

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eConnect, Inc., a Las Vegas-based software company which provides hospitality and gaming companies a platform for actionable information reinforced by video, will reveal their latest Casino Technology Innovation at G2E. The Casino Connect™ Bet Sessions module, in combination with a smart shoe and ratings data, allows the reviewer of that session to concentrate on the location and amount of money being wagered. Once the amounts of bets are added, the data is transformed into reports to show statistical likelihood of the recorded win/loss, indications of any first card knowledge, personalized house advantage for that patron for that session, play preferences, and real value of the player. Bet Sessions allows operators to reassess and refine the ratings data with video to support it.
“Casino’s want to ensure their players are happy, and rewarded properly. Both the player and house benefit when this information is available and accurate,” commented Henry Valentino, President & CEO of eConnect. “Essentially, player ratings are an educated guess of player activity and house edge. With eConnect’s Bet Sessions™, we combine multiple data sources to give a complete profile of actual player activity and their true value to the Casino.”
eConnect’s Bet Sessions module operates on the same platform as the other Casino Connect modules designed to detect fraud in BlackJack, Baccarat, Roulette, Slots, TITO and Player Ratings.  Bet Sessions™ has recently been deployed in multiple properties around the world, and has already won the prestigious Innovation award from Gaming & Leisure Magazine.
About eConnect
eConnect™ is a cutting-edge technology company that helps improve business performance through data and video intelligence. The company seamlessly integrates digital video surveillance with transactional data from point of sale (POS), casino systems, people counting and other data sources to quickly and directly improve profitability, efficiency and the guest experience. eConnect offers measurable ROI within months of system deployment. The award winning tools are world-renowned for their ability to discover previously unknown problems, thereby reducing or eliminating sources of loss and correcting operational problems. For more information visit http://www.econnectglobal.com or get social with us on LinkedIn, Facebook http://www.facebook.com/econnect.tv, and Twitter@econnectinc.

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